Tried and True: Venus Diamond

Author : Dental Product Shopper
Published Date 12/20/2013
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Venus Diamond features patented chemistry that delivers excellent mechanical properties while minimizing shrinkage.

Developed in 2009 after 5 years of composite research, Kulzer designed Venus Diamond to provide exceptional durability and superb handling. This universal composite also features a replicating nature, with a selection of 23 shades that mimic tooth anatomy. Venus Diamond is a nanohybrid material, and according to the manufacturer, the combination of different filler sizes improves the mechanics, esthetics, and shade matching. Since it offers an exceptional combination of esthetics and low shrinkage, Venus Diamond is ideal for both anterior and posterior restorations.

Sparkling Chemistry

Due to their low viscosity, low-shrinkage monomer systems, such as BIS-GMA, traditionally have had to be combined with reactive thinners. However, these thinners raise the shrinkage of the monomer matrix. Venus Diamond uses a special monomer that combines low shrinkage with low viscosity so the use of reactive thinners is unneccesary, enabling the material to maintain its low shrinkage rate and other properties. 

In an article for Dental Product Shopper, Michael Miyasaki, DDS, said of Venus Diamond, ?The nanohybrid filler system creates improved handling properties, esthetics, and durability.? He went on to add, ?The composite polished easily, which is one part of the procedure I like to minimize my time doing.? 

Going with the Flow

Venus Diamond Flow features the original Venus Diamond benefits, while adding optimal flowable handling properties and ensuring an exceptional match to the shade of the adjacent teeth. It creates a smooth, uniform surface in areas of the cavity that are difficult to access, while the new syringe design allows the clinician to apply the material reliably and easily. Its flow-on-demand behavior affords easy control and makes Venus Diamond Flow ideal as a liner under all composite materials. Its thixotropic properties allow it to flow only when pressure is applied with an instrument.

The flowable consistency of Venus Diamond Flow makes it a multifunctional composite ideal for smaller cavities, cervical fillings, or as a liner in combination with normal viscosity composites such as Venus Diamond. It is suitable for Class 1, 2, 3, and 5 restorations, as well as repairs of direct and indirect restorations. Venus Diamond Flow is available in both syringe and preloaded tip.

Bringing It All Together

The Venus Diamond formula is based on nanotechnology to deliver optimized color adaptation, high flexural strength and radiopacity, and the benefit of low shrinkage?with the option of universal or flowable varieties to meet the demands of any procedure.

In the same article referenced above, Dr. Miyasaki concluded, ?I appreciate a company that will help me grow my practice.  Kulzer is using current trends and techniques to build the cosmetic market as the economy picks up, which is a great move in my opinion.?