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For Your Patients, Seeing is Believing

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If you’ve ever brought your car into a mechanic, you know the process: you drop the car off and then wait for “the call.” During that call, the mechanic tells you everything that’s wrong with your car in addition to the initial issue that brought you there in the first place. It can be agonizing to decide whether the additional work is necessary. After all, you’re only on the phone with the mechanic—you can’t see what he or she sees.

“It only needed an oil change,” you think. “Does it really need a new timing belt and air filter, too?”

If you’re a dental patient, you can feel those same feelings of conflict when your dentist tells you that you need unexpected care. The rationale can sound complicated. And if you’re not in pain, you might think you can delay the work, which could be risky if the issue could cause future complications.

“I only needed a cleaning,” you think. “Do I really need a crown, too?”

From the dental professional perspective, however, you know what your patient needs and the risks of delaying treatment.

So, how do you convey that to your patient?

“Show, don’t tell,” might be the golden rule of writing, but it can be pretty handy when it comes to dentistry. You can show your patient exactly what’s going on in their mouth with an intraoral camera.

MouthWatch intraoral cameras offer dental practices the benefits of intraoral cameras at a tenth of the cost of some higher-priced cameras. Practices can increase case-acceptance rates, improve patient retention and engagement and reduce claim denials without spending $3,000 to $5000 per camera.

In fact, the MouthWatch intraoral camera offers a few key features more expensive cameras are missing: no need to focus, single button operation, lighter weight (up to 10 times lighter), and no learning curve to use.  

With a MouthWatch intraoral camera, you can use the camera’s diagnostic-quality images to educate the patient as you efficiently and compellingly make your case for treatment. Your patient feels as if he or she understands what’s wrong and how you intend to fix it and can make a more informed decision about future care.

While MouthWatch cameras have competitive pricing on their side, MouthWatch doesn’t skimp on support and service. The cameras are backed by lifetime U.S.-based tech support, a 30-day risk-free satisfaction guarantee and a one-year warranty. The cameras are also designed to be compatible with most leading dental imaging software systems and can be easily connected to your existing computers through USB. They are portable and easy to use in different exam rooms. Need to share images with another dental professional? Just a few clicks, and you’re all set.

For more information or to order a MouthWatch intraoral camera, call 1-877-544-4342 or visit

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