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Looking for a Cost-Effective Negative-Pressure Irrigation System?

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The EndoSafe Plus from Vista Dental Products is an apical negative pressure irrigation system that you may find more convenient to use, and less expensive than alternatives. Many endodontic irrigation systems are bulky tabletop units. EndoSafe Plus is lightweight, easy to use, and portable. It is also cordless and battery operated, so it’s simple to transport between operatories.

EndoSafe Plus can be used for simultaneous irrigation and evacuation. Irrigating solutions are delivered coronally via a soft, collapsible bellow that easily conforms to the access cavity. Three flow-rate settings provide a consistent exchange of active endodontic solutions and flushing of debris. Solutions and debris are evacuated apically by means of a flexible tip capable of navigating tricky curved canals. This system eliminates the potential for developing a vapor lock by pulling solutions to the critical last few millimeters of the canal. Safe, negative pressure delivery minimizes the risk of apical extrusion and the potential for a sodium hypochlorite accident. 

The device features quick-connect, 20-ml reservoirs that you can fill with the medicament of your choice, including NaOCl. You have the option of three flow rates, and the ability to start and stop irrigation on the handpiece. The system also comes with 10 disposable EndoSafe Negative Pressure Tips that can be attached to either a high-speed or low-speed suction valve. Because they are translucent, EndoSafe™ Negative Pressure Tips provide clear visualization of the suction line while you’re working.

Vista Dental Products is dedicated to making endodontic procedures more safe and successful. To find out more about EndoSafe Plus, click here.

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