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What You Don’t Know About NuCalm – It Makes Your Patients Feel Better!

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NuCalm is an all-natural, clinically proven technology that helps patients feel better during and after dental procedures. It alleviates anxiety without drugs by engaging the midbrain to reduce the fearful patient’s stress response neurologically. The system consists of four components: a topical cream or a dietary supplement that counteracts adrenaline; microcurrent stimulation to catalyze the supplementation; neuroacoustic software to guide brain wave frequencies to a pre-sleep stage; and a light blocking eye mask. It works within minutes, stimulating subconscious neurological functions that prepare the brain and body for sleep.

The best description of NuCalm is — It’s very cool neuroscience.

NuCalm’s patented technology was developed by a neuroscientist. There is nothing else like it. It was awarded the world’s first, and only, patent for “Systems and Methods for Balancing and Maintaining the Health of the Human Autonomic Nervous System” in 2014. It has been cleared by the Food & Drug Administration for the treatment of anxiety, depression, and insomnia. It is approved by Health Canada. It is approved by the US Military for “acclimatization to stress and time zone change for pre-mission preparation.” It was awarded a Chinese patent as a safe and efficacious intervention for stress management. Athletes, Olympians, and professional sports teams are using NuCalm regularly. 

The great thing is, NuCalm is used in dentistry too!

It not only makes your patients feel better during their appointment, but its calming effects will carry them through the rest of the day—they may even have a better night’s rest. The parasympathetic nervous system responds to NuCalm like it does to deep meditation.

More than 850,000 dental patients have experienced drug-free, relaxing, NuCalm appointments on five continents. 95% of them said they would use it again, and 98% said they would recommend it to friends and family.

Solace Lifesciences, the maker of NuCalm, has partnered with top research scientists in areas including heart medicine, sports medicine, cancer research, sleep and neurological problems, Parkinson’s disease, addictive disease treatment centers, and PTSD and traumatic brain injury, to quantitatively show NuCalm’s rapid relaxation response. Across all areas of research, the effects of the NuCalm technology are consistent and predictable—it helps everyone.

Just think what it could do for your practice.

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