5 Reasons to Try TheraCal PT

Published Date 10/07/2019


5 Reasons to Try TheraCal PT 

Dual-cured, resin-modified calcium silicate treats exposed dentin and maintains tooth vitality by acting as a barrier and protectant of the pulpal complex

TheraCal PT from Bisco Dental

By now, you’re probably aware of the ongoing advancements in dental materials—from composites and adhesives to liners and cements. But with this evolution comes a healthy dose of skepticism: Will these new materials live up to their claims, or send us back to square one?

BISCO puts science at the heart of its pursuit to develop breakthrough restorative and endodontic materials that live up to their promise to restore and repair teeth. This growing family of innovative materials includes TheraCal LC, a light-cured, resin-modified calcium silicate for direct and indirect pulp capping, and TheraCem, a dual-cured, self-adhesive resin cement. At the core of both materials is a unique hydrophilic resin matrix that facilitates calcium release.

TheraCal PT, the newest member of the THERA family, is a dual-cured, resin-modified calcium silicate designed for pulpotomy treatment. It creates a protective barrier around the pulpal complex after partial or full removal of the coronal pulp. Here, we share 5 reasons to trust TheraCal PT as a material worth adding to your armamentarium.

1. Calcium Release

Unlike traditional mineral trioxide aggregate (MTA) materials, TheraCal PT’s chemical formulation consists of synthetic Portland Cement calcium silicate particles in a hydrophilic matrix, which facilitates calcium release. The material maintains tooth vitality by acting as a barrier and protectant of the pulpal complex.

2. Ideal Physical Properties

Delivered in a 4-g syringe for immediate placement, TheraCal PT has physical properties that resist

breakdown and degradation, providing a durable seal. After light-curing the material for 10 seconds, clinicians can easily place the desired adhesive, base, and/or restoration.

3. Radiopaque

High radiopacity equals clinical ease when viewing radiographs. TheraCal PT's radiopacity enables simple identification and differentiation from recurrent decay and other restorative materials.

4. Moisture Tolerance

Other calcium hydroxide-based materials have relatively high solubility, which can lead to dissolution over time. On the other hand, TheraCal PT is moisture tolerant and will not wash out.

5. Alkaline pH

After 7 days of using TheraCal PT, the pH level is 11.5.

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