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Published Date 11/25/2019



An ideal solution for patients lacking time, money, or sufficient bone structure

ANEW narrow diameter implantNo one wants to walk around with missing teeth or flippers that are uncomfortable, but many patients do because they've been told they don’t have enough room for an implant, or that they would need a grafting procedure to proceed with implant therapy. Narrow-diameter implant placement presents a minimally invasive and less time-consuming solution in many cases. However, a majority of products on the market today are insufficient as a prosthetic option, because some manufacturers simply make their existing implant offerings smaller, failing to address prosthetic limitations that can lead to complications like fracture and bone loss.

By incorporating Dentatus’ ANEW narrow-diameter implants into the practice, clinicians can solve problems associated with insufficient bone width and limited mesiodistal spaces, making implant treatment for patients who were previously denied it a reality.

“ANEW enhances our practice by allowing us more versatility,” said Adam Koppelman, DMD. “It does not provide a monetary boost necessarily, but it offers a new way of looking at a patient and being able to offer them a better option. At least one new patient a month comes into my office who was previously told that they were not a candidate for implants, and we are able to offer them successful implant therapy.”

Designed to complement a practice’s current implant system, ANEW offers a unique option as a narrow-body implant with a screw-retained prosthetic system that is ideal for patients lacking the time, money, or sufficient bone structure for traditional implant therapy. Because ANEW implants can be placed in interdental spaces as narrow as 3.5 mm, they can also be considered for elderly patients seeking minimally invasive treatment.

“We had a patient who, after completing orthodontic treatment, had an opening of approximately 6 mm mesiodistally,” said Dr. Koppelman. “Without a narrow-diameter implant, the only other option for this patient would have been a bridge or flipper. ANEW allowed me to place an implant and restore the patient without compromising their ideal treatment plan.”

The ANEW placement procedure is quick and usually flapless.

The prosthetic components are designed for immediate chairside loading, so patients never leave the dental office without being restored. ANEW is also FDA approved for long-term use and is backed up with more than 10 years of clinical research.

“ANEW’s novel and innovative design allows for more ideal prosthetic outcomes because it reduces stress on the implant and makes it easy to maintain both provisional and long-term restorations,” Dr. Koppelman concluded.

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