Bisco Z-PRIME Plus

Published Date 02/19/2013

Bisco's primer maximizes cement bond strength to zirconia, alumina, and metal.

Bridging the generation gap, Z-PRIME Plus is formulated to significantly enhance adhesion between composite resin cements and both the latest CAD/CAM zirconia- and alumina-based restorations as well as traditional metal and PFM restorations. Compatible with light-cured and dual-cured resin luting cements, Z-PRIME Plus is also suitable for use with all indirect restorations, including composite indirects, endodontic posts, implants and abutments, crown cores, and fixed partial frameworks (both conventional and Maryland bridges).

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Backed by Science

In light of the rapidly growing use of zirconia along with short nonretentive preparation designs, Bisco saw the need for a chemistry that would promote adhesion between hydrophobic resin composites/cements and indirect oxide-based and metal (including titanium and high-noble alloy) substrates. Many challenged Bisco's thinking of bonding to zirconia. Bisco set out to create a cohesive zirconia/cement interface that would improve initial bond strengths, resist hydrolytic degradation, and enable the use of stronger and more durable resin cements. Bisco researchers recognized the silane can't be used for bonding to high-strength oxide-based materials like zirconia and alumina. Their testing supported the fact that MDP phosphate monomers contribute to long-term durable bonding to zirconia, while silane does not.

Bisco therefore created a proprietary formula of 2 proven adhesive monomers. The result: Z-PRIME Plus, a stable silane-free combination of phosphate and carboxylic monomers, entered the market in 2009 as the first primer dedicated specifically to zirconia priming.

Convenience First

Z-PRIME Plus is a single-component priming agent that offers 1-bottle, no-mix delivery for easy dispensing. It only requires air drying for easy application; it is simply applied to the internal surface of a clean, dry restoration before applying the cement (internal restoration surfaces can be prepared using 1 or more of the following: pumice scrub, ultrasonic cleaning with alcohol or acetone, steam cleaning, or sandblasting with 30 to 50 ìm grit aluminum oxide at 30 to 45 psi). Finally, Z-PRIME Plus does not need to be refrigerated, providing easy storage.


Versatile and Durable

Z-PRIME Plus is formulated specifically for use on zirconia and alumina, which includes most of today's CAD/CAM restorations, as well as on metal. Z-PRIME Plus chemically bonds to zirconia and creates exceptionally high bond strengths to all appropriate substrates.

"The weakest link of indirect substrates should not be the luting cement," noted Doug Brown, DDS, FAGD, BISCO's Director of Clinical Education. "With Z-PRIME Plus, hydrophobic resin cements can be used [and the] conventional use of weaker self-adhesive cements (including glass ionomers) can now be improved."

General Clinical Tips

Because Z-PRIME Plus is light-sensitive, Bisco recommends using immediately on the restoration and/or protecting from ambient light after dispensing.

Bisco also recommends dispensing minimal amounts of material; its optimal viscosity enhances coverage. It should be air dried or allowed to chemically react for several minutes with the restoration substrate.

When Z-PRIME Plus is used for intraoral repairs, the restorative area should be isolated with rubber dam for optimum effectiveness.

Working Together

Z-PRIME Plus is one of the key components of BISCO'S DUO-LINK UNIVERSAL Kit. Applying it before seating with DUO-LINK UNIVERSAL dual-cured resin luting cement can increase bond strength and create a solid foundation. Z-PRIME Plus is available in a 2 -mL bottle with a technique card. Z-PRIME Plus is an ideal solution to dislodgement of zirconia crowns as well as many other indications and provides confidence to both patient and clinician.

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