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Published Date 05/20/2019
product_spotlight-zest-bulk_ez-prod.jpgPredictable isn’t always the most flattering description, but it is one of the qualities Mary Gaddis, DDS, likes best about Bulk EZ. She also describes the bulk-fill composite as reliable, flowable, consistent, and easy-to-use. “Bulk EZ allows me to predictably place core buildup restorations without voids,” she says. “I feel more confident with placing buildups.”

Through the development of Bulk EZ, Zest Dental Solutions addresses the limitations that have traditionally plagued bulk-fill materials, such as incomplete depth of cure, gap formation, and stress from rapid curing. These features are the reason why Dr. Gaddis uses nothing but Bulk EZ when she needs a trustworthy bulk-fill material.
  The dual-cure composite combines flowable cavity adaptation with high strength and wear resistance—all in one simple step. “I appreciate the ease of placement Bulk EZ offers, the amount of viscosity, and the flowability of the product,” notes Dr. Gaddis. “I really like the flow consistency of the product—it flows well but isn’t too runny. A good flow ensures the preparation is fully filled.”

Unlimited Depth of Cure
Bulk EZ offers an unlimited depth of cure in a single step without the need for multiple layering. This process can save valuable chair time when compared to traditional light-curing. Calling the material easy to handle, Dr. Gaddis says the 1-step application of Bulk EZ saves time during a restoration. She described a recent case where she used Bulk EZ for a buildup after placing a post on a severely broken-down premolar. Using the single-step bulk-fill product allowed the patient to have the restoration placed and restored quickly, Dr. Gaddis said, adding, “The working time fits well with our practice.”
Mary Gaddis, DDS
Bulk EZ allows me to predictably place core buildup restorations without voids.”
IntelliTek Technology
Shrinkage and leakage are common problems with posterior restorations, but Bulk EZ’s unique self-cure IntelliTek Technology specifically controls and directs shrinkage toward the bottom of the restoration, which virtually eliminates voids and leakage, according to Zest. “With our old buildup materials, I would frequently find voids, and I was never confident that the entire thickness was fully set up or cured,” shared Dr. Gaddis. That changed when she switched to Bulk EZ.

Bulk EZ is fully compatible with a wide variety of bonding systems, including modern, more acidic bonding agents. It comes in 3 shades—A1, A2, and A3—and exhibits long-term color stability. Since she switched over to using Bulk EZ in her practice in 2016, Dr. Gaddis has no regrets, explaining, “I haven’t felt the need to use any other core buildup materials.”
Bulk EZ™ Bulk Fill Composite
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