Bulk Up for Faster, Easier Restorations

Published Date 07/25/2018

The average curing technique used today may not cure bulk-fill composites as deep as 4 mm, which may lead to undercuring of the bottom layer of the restoration. This can result in many clinical issues, such as lower bond strength or debonding, toxicity of undercured resins, microleakages, postoperative sensitivity, and recurrent caries.


To address this curing issue, BISCO developed REVEAL HD Bulk, a light-cured composite that offers the ability to easily and quickly fill large cavities in a single layer that has the depth of cure (5 to 6 mm*), strength, and hardness properties of a layering composite, and the esthetics of an anterior composite.


Before BISCO began developing REVEAL HD Bulk, its R&D team gathered feedback from clinicians who were using universal or bulk-fill composites and learned about their everyday challenges and the attributes that would offer a superior bulk-fill composite.


“Throughout the development process, we frequently asked clinicians to test the product prototype, and modifications were incorporated based on the feedback received,” said Liang Chen, PhD, Chief Scientist at BISCO. “The goal of our Research & Development and Marketing team was to manufacture a bulkfill composite that addresses the challenges and obstacles that clinicians are experiencing daily.”


BISCO’s proprietary HD Filler Technology allows for exceptional filler loading, resulting in superior handling and polishability, along with the strength and depth of cure necessary to create durable posterior restorations. This creates a very solid restoration from the top down, which eliminates the need to place multiple layers, light-cure multiple times, or place a base/liner.


“Working with REVEAL HD Bulk, you avoid the time and technique-intensive nature of multiple-layer restorations, and the challenges faced with ensuring that all composite layers combine properly and adapt well to each other and to cavity walls—without producing porosities and voids,” said Los Angeles-based dentist and lecturer Dr. Johan Figueira.


REVEAL HD Bulk is easy to place in preps—it is highly syringeable and it won’t stick to instruments or pull back. Clinicians will appreciate the simple delivery system as well as the composite’s viscosity, which together ensure that the composite fills the necessary margins without voids.


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