Company Spotlight: People Serving People

Published Date 03/25/2019
Dr. Tim Brown, a practitioner in Neenah, WI, reminds his team of volunteers on each mission trip to Haiti that they shouldn’t feel overwhelmed—they're there to help one person at a time. "We can't save everyone's teeth," he says, "but we can treat the people we're able to see." And since establishing a humanitarian dental clinic, they've seen many—with more than 3,000 restorations performed along with extractions, root canals, cleanings, and fluoride varnish treatments over their first 14 missions.

When he started the clinic, the team needed donations of products and supplies, so Dr. Brown knocked on the door of Ultradent Products. As it turned out, he went to the right place. "Ultradent has given us everything we've ever asked for," he said.

As part of its goal to improve oral healthcare around the world, Ultradent has been a staunch supporter of the dental professionals who take it upon themselves to help others through humanitarian initiatives. With clinicians reaching out nearly every day for product support and donations for missions in Haiti, Syria, Guatemala, Nepal, Egypt, and beyond, Ultradent was able to donate more than $460,000 of product in 2018 alone.

"During my career," said Dr. Dan Fischer, CEO and Founder of Ultradent, "I've encountered many clinicians who were willing to serve support missions abroad and spread the message that Ultradent is also passionate about—improving oral healthcare globally. There are amazing accounts of these individuals traveling on their own time and at their own expense for the rare opportunity to help others.”

Last year, Ultradent received more than 300 requests from clinicians to aid in their humanitarian missions in 40 states and 75 countries. One of those clinicians was Dr. Kevin E. Miller, who traveled to the Dominican Republic with his whole family in tow to perform charity dental work through the Crown Council. He recalls using Ultradent’s Mosaic universal composite to free-hand the anterior teeth of a young mother in her early 20s who had been in a traumatic car wreck.

"It's physically taxing work, because it's sort of a marathon to get as much done as you can with the time you have," said Dr. Miller. "I think it's an amazing thing we can do as professionals to give back."

In addition to Mosaic, products sent on humanitarian missions for restorative efforts include Ultra-Etch, Peak Universal Bond, and Omni-Matrix bands, along with Enamelast fluoride varnish and Ultrapro Tx prophy pastes and angles to help with oral hygiene.
Dr. Dan Fischer, CEO of Ultradent
Caring to the Core
Showing its value for compassionate care, Ultradent has been quick to offer support to volunteers as needs arise in the world around them. The company contributed toward much-needed relief during disasters like Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines and earthquakes in Haiti and Ecuador. Closer to home, after hurricanes Florence and Michael caused catastrophic devastation in the Carolinas and the Florida Panhandle, Ultradent immediately pledged $25,000 to aid in the rescue, relief, and rebuilding efforts of those affected.

"Care is an important core value at Ultradent, and we want to extend a helping hand and show our care for the people who have been affected," said Dirk Jeffs, President of Ultradent Products.

This helping hand naturally extends to the dental community, as well. Ultradent offered $500 in free products to clinicians whose practices were damaged by these hurricanes, and in addition, generously provided discounts on consumable products and equipment purchases to help the dental community in these areas rebuild.

Helping the World's Helpers
Over 40 years since planting its roots as a family-run, grassroots manufacturer, Ultradent still celebrates a family-friendly and people-centered business culture—while maintaining its status as a worldwide leader of innovative products ranging from whitening and lasers to composites and curing lights.

Success hasn't gone to the company's head—a fact that's proven through its charitable efforts. By supporting volunteers like Dr. Brown and Dr. Miller, and all those who serve people in need, Ultradent seeks to deliver on its pledge of making the world a healthier place. In its effort to support more missions, the company welcomes your requests for products at

"I often say that companies are not made of concrete, glass, and steel," said Dr. Fischer. "They're made of people, and people serving people is what business is all about. I believe that is one of the key ingredients to Ultradent’s success over the last 40 years."

Through its partnership with the Crown Council, Ultradent not only provides thousands of dollars in dental products to support clinicians in their humanitarian missions, but also donates 100% of the whitening solutions—approximately $1.5 million worth during 2017 and 2018—needed for the annual, 120-day Smiles for Life campaign. The initiative raises money to provide dental services for underprivileged children locally and around the world.
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