Dentrix Ascend Practice Management Software

Published Date 04/08/2020


Dentrix Ascend

Cloud-based practice management software provides flexible solutions to address the changing needs of multisite practices focused on reducing costs and increasing efficiency

Dentrix Ascend Practice Management SoftwareWhen managing change and uncertainty—whether you have one dental office or multiple locations—receiving practice management guidance from a reliable partner can ease transition periods and prevent practice inefficiencies. To simplify administrative duties and keep dentists focused on patient care, practices in any situation can benefit from a software system that automates tasks and streamlines business operations. Yet many practice owners reviewing their business don't realize just how essential centralization is to improving efficiency and reducing costs.

With 2 decades of experience designing enterprise-class systems, the dental experts at Henry Schein One have determined that a centralized, cloud-based solu­tion can best support multisite practice goals, as well as any office focused on the patient experience.

Henry Schein One’s award-winning, cloud-based platform, Dentrix Ascend, provides increased flex­ibility with site-specific reporting and business metrics, and a single patient record with data, charts, and diagnostic images that a practice can access in all their locations. The system's user-friendly interface allows the dental team to easily see everything they need to provide the best patient care possible.

Saving Time and Overhead Costs

By including essential electronic services such as insurance claims and patient reminders into the monthly subscription model, Dentrix Ascend is able to reduce costs and enhance productivity for practices. Data backups and software updates are done automatically in the cloud, eliminating the time and hassle of doing it locally. With informa­tion easily accessible 24/7 and fewer roadblocks in place, practice owners can save time every workday, allowing them to address the changing needs of their practice focused on reducing costs and increasing operational efficiency.

Simplify Operations with Dentrix Ascend Tools

Easily acquire, store, share, and attach clini­cal images to patient records
Remove guesswork with a patient routing feature that shows relevant information at each stage of the patient's appointment
A role-based dashboard gives users at-a-glance views of how the practice is perform­ing—with drill-down reports to support immediate action.
Automate patient communication, such as confirming appointments and sending patient recall reminders
Train staff with ease using to-do lists that keep the entire team on track



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Dentrix Ascend
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