Don’t Pick a Product, Choose a Partner

Published Date 07/21/2017

Don't Pick a Product, Choose a Partner: Henry Schein ConnectDental

Henry Schein’s comprehensive consulting and support services ensure that you select the clinical and management technology that meets your practice’s needs

"Dentists can’t choose technology in a vacuum,” said Dr. Gary Kaye, founder and principal at the New York Center for Digital Dentistry and Kaye Dentistry. “That’s why I work with Henry Schein and take advantage of its ConnectDental services. Schein does an incredible job with exhaustive on-site assessment and consults. They work with us to help determine what we need for our individual needs and offer advice on what to use.”

Dr. Kaye credits much of the successful growth of his practice to his partnership with Henry Schein ConnectDental.

“I’m a smart guy, but I just don’t get it all,” Dr. Kaye said. “For a general dentist, there are so many clinical challenges, including advances in science and equipment, and it’s very hard to keep up with everything. And put on top of that all the other pressures—finances, compliance, insurance, marketing, and more—we could not have moved forward without our partnership with Schein.”

Henry Schein ConnectDental focuses on 3 basic tenets, according to John Cox, VP of Henry Schein Technology Sales. “We want to improve the patient experience, help the team predictably provide the highest quality of care, and maximize efficiency and productivity. The goal is minimizing chairtime so the practice can increase access to care, get more patients, and deliver services with no compromise in quality. Our mission is to provide the best advice on what tools and procedures you need to reach the practice’s vision.”

Dr. Kaye, whose team followed a road map to create a totally digital practice, has experienced a continuum of growth, adding clinicians and expanding services such as implants and orthodontics. While there are obvious advantages to using certain technologies, he said the real power has come from connecting them.

“The ConnectDental solutions help us manage many of the external distractions so we can concentrate on what’s most important—treating our patients and making their lives better,” Dr. Kaye observed. “We do that not only through the assessment and support provided by ConnectDental, but also through Henry Schein’s wide range of available technologies—from CAD/CAM and digital imaging to buffered anesthesia delivery and patient communication.”

Five Areas of Service

ConnectDental offers the following solutions for practices and labs:

1. Advice to help identify the unique needs of the practice and the digital solutions that meet those needs
2. A wide choice of open-architecture, scalable digital technologies for seamless integration into the practice workflow
3. Interoperability services to integrate digital tenchologies with practice management software for enhanced efficiency
4. Proprietary software to enable fast, safe, efficient communication between the practice and laboratories
5. Initial technology-specific education and training, integration and implementation services, and ongoing tech support

Watch this video for more information on Henry Schein ConnectDental:


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