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Published Date 05/14/2014

Duo-Link Universal: Strong, Reliable Cementation

A Cement That Provides the Dentist, Staff, and Patient with a Successful Outcome


duo-link universal from biscoI've been working with BISCO products since 1989. When they came out with DUO-LINK UNIVERSAL, I tried it, loved working with it, and decided this is how I'm going to cement most of my adhesive restorations. The handling properties and easy cleanup have been absolutely superb. Being able to precisely inject and paint the cement into the restoration reduces the excess coming out and I can easily clean that up and cure it. In addition, the radiopacity of DUO-LINK UNIVERSAL makes it easier to see on x-rays and its physical properties make it easier to trim away with hand instruments. This results in an improved patient experience versus some other products we've used. 

Staff Satisfaction

Dental hygienists are kind of the end users of many dental materials because they see the results of the restorations dentists place. My hygienist is always bragging about how clean everything looks after we've cemented a restoration. It's very gratifying to get that professional validation from a staff member. I think it's important for my staff to see that I'm not compromising anywhere and that I'm not dumping on them the job that I'm supposed to be doing. DUO-LINK UNIVERSAL has made it a lot easier for me to do that. 


You can use DUO-LINK UNIVERSAL with a variety of products, whether you want to cement to metal, composite, alumina, zirconia, or porcelain restorations. It also works with bridges, inlays, onlays, and CAD/CAM restorations. All the substrates require different preparations, and how you treat them--whether you etch or silanate them--can get very confusing. To have a cement like DUO-LINK UNIVERSAL that you can use for virtually anything and just pay attention to the other details, that's going to be a slam dunk for you.

DUO-LINK UNIVERSAL is available in two shades, Universal, which has some translucency, and milky white, which is a little more opaque and great for darker tooth preparations, and gives you more flexibility. In addition, we've had no problems with retention and durability.

Improving Practice and Patient Experience

I really love the trend that's going on in dentistry to make things easier for the right reasons; it allows me to be the perfectionist that I am. Knowing that BISCO is really thorough with their research, I feel like I can stay on the leading edge, and give my patients the very best results I can. With DUO-LINK UNIVERSAL, that includes great success with retention and durability. The cleanup and implementation of DUO-LINK UNIVERSAL is so good that it makes an even bigger difference for the patient because they're not only getting a better quality product, they're getting a really great experience. 

Hugh Flax, DDS

Dr. Hugh Flax is internationally known for his leadership in cosmetic dentistry. As past President of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, he has lectured and authored in Europe, Japan, Canada, and the United States on lasers, smile design, and advanced restorative techniques to enhance the skills of dental teams in making their care world class for their patients. Dr. Flax practices full time in Atlanta, GA, focusing on functional appearance related conditions and advanced laser dentistry, as well as writing and lecturing on how to help others do the same for their own practices.

Duo-Link Universal
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