Early Adopters - BioGuard Microbial Evacuation Line Cleaner

Published Date 12/11/2018

Endeavour XL You know what sucks? Your dental practice vacuum when it’s running optimally. You know when it doesn’t? When you’re using a cleaner that only dissolves clogging debris when in direct contact.

What sets Hager Worldwide’s BioGuard Evacuation Line Cleaner apart from other cleaners on the market is its biology and residual cleaning effect. Similar cleaners are enzymatic, but BioGuard is enzymatic and biologic, meaning it’s specially formulated with bacterial enzymes that not only dissolve debris while in direct contact, but continue to consume it after the solution passes through the lines.

BioGuard is relatively new to market, but already it’s making an impact on the daily routines of early adopters like Sherry Morrissey, a hygienist from Grand Forks, ND. Morrissey was on the team of Dental Product Shopper evaluators who designated BioGuard a “Best Product,” and she continued to use it after the trial. While Hager says this product only needs to be used twice a week, she has found the product to be so effective that her practice only needs to use it weekly, which saves time and money.

“We flush our lines once a week on Thursdays, so the product can sit in our lines over the weekend and continue to work,” Morrissey explained. She likes that the packets are pre-measured to ensure the correct application amount. “My co-workers have only good things to say about this product. They like the clean, ‘pine tree’ smell,” she added.

BioGuard has no chemicals, keeping patients and staff safe. Its neutral pH ensures compatibility with amalgam separators, while its nonfoaming formula protects the pump. But make no mistake—this is not a mild cleaner without the “bite.” For Morrissey, BioGuard’s cleaning power is its most beneficial feature. “I like a product that removes the sticky fluoride varnish that attaches to the walls of my suctions lines,” she said about BioGuard. “It forcefully flushes out all the disgusting debris that collects in my vacuum lines.”

Pour solution into dispenser.
Attach suction handpieces, and you're done.
Fill dispenser with water.
Fill to 720 mL.
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