Early Adopters: TheraCem

Published Date 11/08/2016

BISCO’s TheraCem is a self-etching, self-adhesive, dual-cured resin luting cement that is exclusively formulated for luting crowns, bridges, inlays, and onlays, as well as prefabricated metal and nonmetal fiber posts and cast posts. This fluoride- and calcium-releasing cement requires no etching and no priming or bonding of the prepared surfaces. Easy to use and requiring only a short chair time, TheraCem produces a good bond to most dental materials. It is available in natural shade and is radiopaque, allowing for easy identification on radiographs. Dr. Jeffrey Nickas of Chicago and Dr. Sheri Doniger of Lincolnwood, IL, were among the fi rst dentists in the country to use the product clinically. Here, they share their experiences with us.

DPS: Which of TheraCem’s attributes are unique and/or most useful to you?

SD: TheraCem is incredibly easy to use. The automix tip design allows for simple and predictable mixing and application of the product. The working time is ample, the cure time is fast, and cleanup is a breeze. I love the dual-cure nature of this product. It takes much of the uncertainty out of a cement not curing fully under a very opaque or thick crown from light-curing alone.

JN: TheraCem solves an assortment of clinical problems. It is a dual-cure, self-adhesive resin that works with all types of materials, from post and cores to resins to metal to zirconia, without pre-etching or priming. This is truly a time-saver. I really appreciate the addition of calcium and fluoride to the cement to enhance marginal remineralization. TheraCem makes choosing a self-adhesive cement for many applications simple because of its ease of handling.

DPS: TheraCem has some similarities to other self-adhesive cement products on the market, but one of the key differences in filler is TheraCem’s use of Portland cement. Can you explain how this difference has impacted how you treat patients?

SD: Portland cement is a calcium silicate cement. Studies have shown that these cements have the capacity to release calcium and hydroxide ions in the presence of water, which may aid in the restoration of tooth structure. The potential of further protecting the tooth structure especially with natural teeth under restorations or near margin is a definite plus.

JN: I’m always interested in finding ways to help achieve better treatment results. The alkaline environment created by Portland cement adds another layer of security to my restorations. There is no worse feeling in dentistry than a patient with tooth sensitivity following final cementation of a crown. If a product can help to reduce or eliminate this outcome, it’s our responsibility as clinicians to consider this as a viable addition to our product armamentarium.

DPS: How has TheraCem impacted your overall chairside experience?

SD: TheraCem is exceptionally easy to clean off the margins. We have the option to use either self-cure or dual-cure, depending on the clinical situation. We have had no post-operative sensitivity, which is a plus for patients.

JN: Although my use of this product is still in its infancy, I can say that I’ve been very impressed with its performance thus far. TheraCem has performed extraordinarily well clinically, with quick cleanup and no patient discomfort. I always make a point to call my patients following any procedure, and the feedback on TheraCem has been excellent. As we all know, a happy patient makes for a happy dentist.

DPS: What would you like other clinicians to know about TheraCem?

SD: TheraCem’s fluoride release, as well as the variety of situations in which the cement may be used, are definite advantages. It delivers a strong bond to zirconia and most substrates. TheraCem also has high radiopacity, and offers the clinician an effortless, reliable, predictable, and durable cementation of indirect restorations.

JN: BISCO is known for product reliability, and TheraCem doesn’t disappoint. It has delivered as advertised on its ease of use and excellent clinical results. I would highly recommend this product to any dentist looking to elevate their level of practice.




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