eBook: The ‘X’ Factor Flowable

Published Date 12/17/2018

The 'X' Fatcor Flowable

Beautifil Flow Plus X from Shofu offers a newly developed, patented filler with improved handling and effortless polishing.

Dr. Glazer was an early adopter of the previous-generation Beautifil Flow Plus when it was first approved in the U.S. He was impressed by the material’s handling, particularly its 2 different viscosities that enable all classifications of restorations, for both adult and pediatric dentition. It could also be used as a base and liner as well as a restorative. These attributes have carried over to the next-generation Beautifil Flow Plus X, along with other unique advantages. Read The Next Frontier of Flow in this Ebook for more!

Beautifil Flow Plus X is a highly versatile material that allows you to meet esthetic requirements in both multi- and single- layer techniques. You can use this material as your imagination would, including combining usage of the F00 and F03 materials. View before and after cases with Dr. Howard Glazer, DDS, FAGD in Class Indications.

Then, read The Next Generation of Flow by Michael Howard to learn more!

Beautifil Flow Plus X
Shofu Dental Corporation
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