KöR Whitening Deep Bleaching System Uniquely Effective and Predictable

Published Date 07/25/2012

KöR Whitening: Uniquely Effective and Predictable

My search for a predictably consistent whitening system that would be effective for even the most challenging cases led me to the KöR Whitening booth at last year's AACD meeting in Boston. I was frustrated with all whitening systems I'd tried, and I assumed all systems were the same. I was wrong.

After talking to the KöR Whitening team at the booth, I was impressed by KöR developer Dr. Rod Kurthy's years of research and development into the science of bleaching. The result? A unique solution that works.

What convinced me to try KöR? The prospect of less or no sensitivity, significant color shifts (even for tetracycline staining), and long-lasting and even lifetime color stability.

Good-Bye Sensitivity

I'd always found bleaching sensitivity, and even downright pain, to be a big problem for my patients. KöR's low osmolarity and daily at-home tubule plugging desensitizer is key. So far not a single patient has complained of sensitivity. I am currently treating a patient with post-periosurgery recession and I can confidently use KöR in those exposed areas.

Major Shade Shift

I have been amazed by the consistent degree of whitening that KöR provides, even for difficult cases. I recently had a patient whose teeth were a very dark opalescent gray (not tetracycline staining), and the results were amazing. I regularly get huge jumps in whiteness, from the dark end of the shade guide, all the way into the bleaching shades.

KöR Is Different

A number of KöR whitening features make it uniquely effective and predictable. Dr. Kurthy's diligence in keeping all KöR gels refrigerated from the time of manufacture until they get to my office has made a huge difference.

Also distinctive is the recommended impression-taking technique for tray fabrication. It's a very specific putty/wash procedure, so that the bleaching trays can be extremely accurate and sealed at the cervical of the teeth to keep out damaging saliva and sulcular fluid. There's just a slight learning curve, but after my second case, I could do it with my eyes closed.

Incidentally, KöR has its own lab that fabricates not only the very unique KöR bleaching trays at an extremely low cost, but trays for desensitizing as well. It saves me a lot of time and energy in the office.

Furthermore, Dr. Kurthy developed the KöR proprietary gels and delivery system based on his years of research and development. It's a mouthful--Dual-Activated, Tri-Barrel Hydremide Peroxide--but simply, it saves me chairtime and money.

KöR Benefits

Since I've been using KöR Whitening, my practice has benefited from growing referrals from satisfied patients of friends and family. My staff is excited and energized. And my patients couldn't be happier about the great results with little to no sensitivity.

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