A Laser That Matches Versatility with Intuition

Published Date 07/25/2018

For patients, the use of lasers means less postoperative pain and therefore less need for medication. For clinicians, satisfied patients are the best way to ensure success. Lasers can also provide clinicians with the postoperative outcomes they desire while expanding their services and treatment abilities.


The SiroLaser Advance Plus from Dentsply Sirona combines cutting-edge innovation and multi-wavelength technology, featuring both the 970 nm wavelength as well as the 660 nm wavelength, to provide patients with optimal care and ideal postoperative outcomes for clinicians.


“We have already had a few nonpatients come in because they know we are a laser office. They were able to leave the office with relief and then become a patient of record,” said registered dental hygienist Mandy Macachor, who practices in Milwaukee, WI. “We are able to provide more services in-office without having to refer people to specialists.”


The established infrared 970 nm wavelength covers all indications in the field of soft-tissue surgery, periodontology, and endodontics. The additional red 660 nm diode is used for what is known as low-level laser therapy. This enables it to cover more than 20 indications and therefore provide versatile possibilities for application in your practice routine.


“Hygienists have to really make sure that we are practicing within our scope of practice—we are not able to truly cut the tissue. SiroLaser Advance Plus allows you to stay within your scope of practice, because it aids the clinician in avoiding accidental initiating of the tip. It is automatically going 50% on and 50% off, which gives you the availability to see if the tip is getting accidentally initiated,” said Macachor.


Featuring a single-use fiber management system, intuitive user navigation, and preset therapy programs, treatment setup and preparation are easy and efficient. Thanks to wireless battery operation, it can be moved between rooms all day long without a hitch.


“For a hygienist, in particular, it is really important to have excellent control,” Macachor added, noting that the integrated finger switch makes an additional foot pedal obsolete. “With SiroLaser Advance Plus, I just feel like I am able to control it a lot better with the finger activation.”

SiroLaser Advance Plus
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