Nonwovens Vs. Woven Sponge (Gauze) Fabrics

Published Date 06/30/2017

The world of fabrics can be overwhelming, especially when you start to dig into the details. There are a variety of questions: How are fabrics made? How does production affect their capabilities? Which fabric works best for a specific application? Today we’ll answer some of these questions, breaking down the differences between nonwoven and woven fabrics, and how that applies to Richmond Dental and Medical’s sponge products (

Just by the word “nonwoven,” you know a nonwoven fabric is not a woven fabric. Production of nonwoven fabrics only requires a few steps. It’s important to note that production of woven gauze fabrics requires that the fibers be made into yarn first; then those yarns can be woven into fabrics. All conventional gauze is made from woven fabrics, while all nonwoven sponges are made from hydroentangled fabrics.


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