PANAVIA V5 and PANAVIA Cement Universal

Published Date 04/02/2020


From the originator of the MDP monomer to developing a new catalyst technology, Kuraray Noritake Dental continues to evolve its PANAVIA cements with both clinicians and patients in mind

Panavia V5 and PANAVIA cements

It’s been nearly 4 decades since Kuraray Noritake Dental launched its innovative PANAVIA family of cements. Although the product line has evolved over the years to keep up with the influx of new restorative materials and patients’ esthetic demands, it has done so with a goal of simplifying restorative procedures.

Kuraray began researching adhesion technology in the early 1970s. This led to the manufacturer developing the phosphate monomer MDP, which provides a strong bond not only to tooth structure, but to metals and zirconia. The first adhesive resin cement to use the MDP monomer, PANAVIA EX brought much-needed relief to clinicians faced with challenging prosthetic situations.

Next in line was PANAVIA 21, which included a self-etch primer and provided a solution to postoperative sensitivity. PANAVIA cements then continued to evolve and offer features like improved marginal sealing with a dual-cure fluoride- releasing agent, followed by an LED light-cure polymerization.

A Versatile Cement for All

Simplifying cementation even further is PANAVIA V5, a versatile cement that uses an amine-free catalyst to provide superior color stability and improved bond strength to dentin. An incredibly simple cementation procedure makes it ideal for many applications—from restorations that require a very strong bond, such as adhesive bridges, posts, and cores, to situations where esthetics are the highest priority, such as ceramic inlays and laminate veneers.

DPS evaluator J. Jerald Boseman, DDS, shared, “I loved being able to cement a metal post-and-core and ceramic crown all at the same time with the same product.”

PANAVIA SA Cement Universal

Last year, Kuraray took another step forward by incorporating the LCSi monomer, a long carbon-chain silane coupling agent, into its legendary PANAVIA cement lineup. This chemistry created PANAVIA SA Cement Universal, the first cement to contain stable silane. This combination of Kuraray’s original MDP chemistry with the latest LCSi monomer chemistry allows the material to adhere to virtually all dental adhesive surfaces without the need for a separate primer or bonding agent.

Kuraray is committed to evolving adhesive dentistry through minimally invasive restorative procedures—providing the best care and long-lasting benefits for both clinicians and their patients.

PANAVIA SA Cement Universal

PANAVIA SA Cement Universal
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