Published Date 05/27/2020



From PANAVIA EX to PANAVIA V5, Kuraray’s flagship product line of cements continues to evolve to offer reliable adhesion, enhanced ease of use, and superior esthetics

PANAVIA SA Cement Universal

Dentistry has certainly evolved in the years since Kuraray developed the phosphate monomer MDP. But over the past 4 decades, the monomer has rooted itself in restorative dentistry as the tried-and-true ingredient that clinicians rely on for strong adhesion to tooth structure as well as metals and zirconia. MDP is a key component of the manufacturer’s flagship PANAVIA line of cements, which continues to evolve in line with a growing variety of indirect restorative materials from which to choose.

One example of this evolution is PANAVIA SA Cement Universal, one of the first true universal self-adhesive resin cements to hit the market. In addition to the original MDP monomer, it incorporates the LCSi monomer, a silane-based carbon chain in a dual-barrel system that forms a chemical bond with glass and ceramic materials.

A Strong Bond That's Simple to Create

But all chemistry aside, what’s in it for the clinician? As dental educator and author Dr. Troy Schmedding points out, the key benefit of PANAVIA SA Cement Universal is eliminating the confusion over how to treat different substrates. This is because the material adheres to virtually every material without the need for a separate primer.


"PANAVIA SA Cement Universal allows you to achieve a strong bond no matter which substrate is being used."
-Troy Schmedding, DDS


“The plus side for the practitioner is that the confusion of 'How do I condition zirconia,' or 'How do I condition glass ceramics,' is no longer an issue because the paste formulation allows you to achieve a strong bond no matter which substrate is being used—whether it is the MDP monomer allowing strong adhesion to zirconia or the LCSi monomer forming a chemical bond with glass ceramics,” he shared.

Dialing Up the Esthetics

Kuraray considers PANAVIA V5 the most esthetic cement it has ever created. Available in 5 shades—White, Brown, Universal, Clear, and Opaque—it took researchers over 10 years to develop the cement, which features an anime-free catalyst that allows for superior color stability and improved bond strength to dentin. And like its predecessors, PANAVIA V5 offers a simple cementation procedure that is compatible with all indications—from crown-and-bridge and implant abutments to ceramic inlays and laminate veneers.

“Kuraray has an incredibly strong reputation in adhesive dentistry, so it should offer clinicians a lot of comfort and flexibility to partner with not only a reputable company, but one that continues to research and evolve their key products,” concluded Dr. Schmedding.


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PANAVIA SA Cement Universal
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