Peer-to-Peer: Riva Light Cure HY Glass lonomer Restorative

Author : Dental Product Shopper
Published Date 07/12/2016
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Riva Light Cure HV combines the best of glass ionomer cements and composites into one material. 


Riva Light Cure HV is a high-viscosity resin-reinforced glass ionomer restorative cement from SDI (North America). Ac­cording to the manufacturer, Riva Light Cure HV combines the fluoride release and strong chemical bond of glass ionomers with the esthetics of com­posites. SDI also describes the marerial as hav­ing excellent handling properties so that it is very sculptable and does not stick to instruments. In ad­dition, Riva Light Cure HV uses SDI's proprietary ionglass filler, which is a radiopaque, high ion re­leasing, bioactive glass. 

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Riva Applicator 2
SDI, Inc.
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