From the Podium: MTA Repair HP

Published Date 04/02/2018


Efficient Reparative Cement with Superior Handling and Manipulation







Though MTA was the first bioceramic material to be used successfully in the field of endodontics, it has its challenges. On the plus side, it can be considered a bioactive material since it’s been shown to promote satisfactory tissue regeneration without causing inflammation, and has good biocompatibility and nontoxic sealing properties. It has been used in endodontics as a root-end filling material, to treat perforations, pulpotomy, treatment of immature necrotic teeth with nonvital pulps and open apices, and as a root canal filling material.


However, MTA has some disadvantages. Its use can cause discoloration of the tooth, and it should be used with caution in the esthetic zones. It also has a long setting time, and because of its consistency, its manipulation and placement in the site of repair can be challenging.


To overcome these disadvantages, a novel material called MTA Repair HP (High Plasticity) was recently introduced by Angelus Dental with the intent to improve upon some of those characteristics. This formula maintains all the chemical and biological properties of the original MTA; however, it changes its physical properties of manipulation, resulting in a greater plasticity, and therefore facilitating manipulation and insertion.


Additionally, its formula uses a different radiopacifier, calcium tungstate (CaW04), which according to the manufacturer does not cause staining of the root or dental crown.


I made the decision to purchase this product because of the improved physical properties. I have been using MTA Repair HP for 2 years and it is a material that is easy to handle and manipulate. From the clinical standpoint, it has helped tremendously, especially when dealing with perforations and open apices cases, as the product’s physical qualities and handling have really been improved. From the commercial standpoint, it is easily available on the market at a fair price.

MTA Repair HP
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