From the Podium: Planmeca Romexis

Author : Brian Trava, DMD
Published Date 06/07/2018
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One of the biggest challenges to an endodontist is answering the most common question from patients, “Can you save this tooth?” Diverse and high-quality CBCT imaging software like Planmeca Romexis delivers us out of this realm of uncertainty and into a state of clarity, allowing us to understand the treatment success of a tooth with a healthier knowledge base of the surrounding area. I know that I have chosen the best technology on the market to help my practice tackle this challenge as well as more complex diagnoses.

Pathways to Treatment
I recently worked on a case involving a 60-yearold female patient with an odontogenic sinus tumor that went undiagnosed for years. She suffered from a bad gag reflex throughout her life that made it difficult to take traditional intraoral radiographs. A 2D panorex was taken, and then a 3D image quantifying the volume of the affected area was rendered. Having traditional 2D and 3D imaging in one machine— Planmeca ProMax—was great, as it offered bilateral orthognathic and sinus analysis. Planmeca Romexis software allowed me to upload the patient’s radiographic files online and to the cloud for immediate diagnosis and treatment from specialists, which led to a successful outcome for the patient.

Sophisticated & Accessible
I’m often asked why I decided to purchase our Planmeca ProMax. The answer is simple, and it’s the same reason we purchased a second Planmeca ProMax.

My staff has seen CBCT discs from nearly every machine on the market, and simply stated, there’s no comparison. There’s also the peace of mind that comes with Planmeca’s worldwide reputation as a long-term partner dedicated to the innovation of patient care, which shows through the sophisticated design of its software. The company is also the first to introduce Ultra Low Dose imaging on its ProMax 3D units—a 77% reduction in the average radiation dose— without causing a reduction in image quality.

Another perk is that the Planmeca Romexis software allows us to transmit and share patient information between our 4 practice locations effortlessly, from one machine to another. Having a multiplatform application allows me to use the Planmeca Romexis app to communicate with my colleagues back at the office while I’m out attending my daughter’s soccer game. I can access and zoom in on 3D images, x-rays, and digital dental models that were taken by our Planmeca ProMax with just a few clicks.

From X-Ray Films to Computer Screens
Until a patient understands the problem, they cannot accept a solution. With the innovation of the internet, patients are much more educated regarding dental treatment. We have advanced from drawing figures on bracket paper and looking at an x-ray film against the ceiling light, to demonstrating a patient’s treatment on a computer screen. Patients can now visualize their pathway to treatment with much more clarity—expediting their timeline to recovery and creating a much more efficient process for clinicians.

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