From the Podium: Vit-l-escence Composite

Published Date 04/26/2017



Find out why Jaimee Morgan, DDS, believes that Ultradent's Vit-l-escence composite:

• is ideal for layering with its creamy, nonslumping consistency.

• simplifies accurate shade matching with its proprietary shade guide.


I have used Ultradent's Vit-l-escence composite for anterior and posterior restorations since its introduction in the late ’90s. It’s one of those time-tested products that proves "newer" is not always better. Here’s what I like most about this composite:


Esthetics/Shade Matching

Each of the 34 shade tabs is made of the Vit-l-escence material, so when you place it against a tooth, what you see is what you will get in your restoration. If you’ll be using more than one shade, the tabs are shaped so you can stack them directly against the tooth.



The handling characteristics are amazing. It has a creamy consistency, but it doesn't slump. Not only is it easy to shape and get an intimate bond with the tooth structure, but subsequent layers also achieve that same intimate bond with previous layers.



Vit-l-escence composite is very durable. It looks beautiful and holds up for years when used properly.



Vit-l-escence composite comes in unit-dose compules or syringes. The compules hold more material than a standard compule, so I don't have to change them out as often. Each syringe is lined with a clear plastic liner that prevents flecks of the dark-colored outer syringe from contaminating the composite.

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