From the Podium: Z-PRIME Plus

Published Date 05/17/2018

Simple and Reliable Bonding for Confidence with Indirect Adhesion






Bonding to zirconia is still a hot topic in restorative dentistry, because zirconia and zirconia-based materials are better and more esthetically pleasing. But for many, bonding is still a challenge due to the lack of consensus on a specific protocol. Z-PRIME Plus has a place in the development of these proper protocols, and BISCO’s mission as a company is to share the knowledge to make bonding to zirconia as predictable as possible.


Proven History

Z-PRIME Plus was developed by Dr. Liang Chen, who is currently the Director of R&D at BISCO. He researched the performance of MDP in bonding to different substrates. Then, he was able to synthesize a product that was dedicated to bond to zirconia. Z-PRIME Plus is a dedicated product with no added junk. It is reliable and stable over time with the first proven zirconia primer in the market that provides a real chemical bond.


Bonding Performance

If clinicians are looking into zirconia as a restorative material, they should understand bonding, how it is achieved, and what products they use to achieve it. The MDP-based formula of Z-PRIME Plus provides clinicians with a chemical bond to the zirconia surface that is compatible with any dual-cured cement. The product’s ease of use, predictability, enhanced bond strength, proper research and development, and years of clinical performance are the qualities that set Z-PRIME Plus apart from its competitors.

Successful Zirconia Bonding
The bond between self-adhesive cements, glass ionomers, and zirconia can be weak. Applying Z-PRIME Plus will enhance the bond because it is the primer that reacts with the zirconia surface. Studies have shown that the use of a zirconia primer is always recommended, regardless of the type of cement.

I believe that bonding to zirconia is achievable, predictable, and easy to do. Z-PRIME Plus is simple, reliable and effective, and it works.



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