Product Focus: Dream Sensors and Practice Management Software

Published Date 03/16/2018

As close to perfect as a system can get


Today’s ultra-competitive market requires top-of-the-line practice management software that is completely integrated with state-of-theart digital x-ray sensors. Making the clinical and financial areas of the office work in a cohesive way that takes care of both patients and the bottom line, DentiMax’s Dream Sensor and Practice Management Software provide the integrated benefits that only a complete system can offer—everything is streamlined, allowing dental offices to focus on patient needs.

The Practice Management Software, which scored a perfect 5.0 rating among DPS evaluators, is designed for ease of integration, implementation, and navigation, with no need for a third-party bridge between the imaging and charting systems. DentiMax software is set up to flow just like the dental office. From checking in a new patient, to viewing x-rays while treatment planning, to scheduling additional patient visits, the software mirrors a practice’s actual workflow.

“I have used DentiMax in 4 of my offices over the last 10 years and rarely even think about operation of the computer systems. We all can focus on patients now,” Dr. Scott Sutton shared.

DentiMax Dream Sensors, which scored a 4.8 in its evaluation, produce crystal-clear images, and since they’re on an “open” system, clinicians can capture images from virtually all digital panoramic x-ray machines, intraoral cameras, and flatbed scanners.

“The DentiMax sensor system I selected has an open platform that works well with most practice management programs and has even linked nicely with my cordless intraoral camera,” said Dr. Kent W. Stapley. “My patients are impressed with the new technology and were happy to have my staff train on them.”

Tools for Treatment Plan Acceptance
A recent software update offers new diagnostic tools on a diagnostic toolbar to help with the clinical evaluation of x-rays. These tools also assist with patient education by highlighting areas of concern on an x-ray, allowing the clinician to point out problems and convey a sense of urgency to the patient. This can result in higher treatment-plan acceptance and faster turnaround times with a fuller schedule overall.

“The DentiMax sensor and practice management software have helped me cut my x-ray exposure time by 75%, make an immediate diagnosis, and easily explain treatment plans,” Dr. Barrow Marks concluded.

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