Product Focus: KoR Whitening

Published Date 03/16/2018

Scientific design and predictable patient results give this whitening system an edge over the competition


When you can bring a 75-year-old patient to tears because of a whitening system, it’s a good sign that you should stick with it. That’s what Dr. Leonard F. Tau discovered after purchasing Evolve Dental Technologies’ KöR Whitening System 8 years ago specifically for his elderly patient, who was told she would never have white teeth. Firmly grounded in advanced whitening science, KöR Whitening is formulated to produce optimal results in both average and difficult-to-whiten teeth—even in patients with extreme discoloration from tetracycline, fluorosis, or geriatric staining.

Behind the Science
A proprietary KöR Dual-Activated, Tri-Barrel Hydremide Peroxide formulation and delivery system means you can deliver consistently exceptional teeth-whitening results for your patients. KöR’s more elaborate whitening chemistry is divided into 3 separate barrels and then mixed immediately prior to use. As a result, even super-resistant stains like tetracycline and fluorosis can be flooded with the bleaching concentrations necessary to break them down significantly.

Another key to KöR’s success is continuous refrigeration of the whitening gel from the time it’s manufactured up until it arrives at the dental practice—allowing the gel to retain nearly 100% of its original effectiveness.

“Everybody wants white teeth but many of my patients couldn’t stand to have the [other] gels in their mouths long enough to get a nice result,” said a clinician who reviewed the product for a Dental Product Shopper evaluation. He added that this issue has become a thing of the past since he started using KöR Whitening.

Saliva has the potential to rapidly destroy hydrogen peroxide as it comes in contact with whitening gel, making the gel in conventional whitening trays highly active for only 25 to 35 minutes. The unique design of proprietary KöR-Seal Whitening trays effectively creates a seal at the cervical 1–1.25 mm of the teeth, avoiding the loss of whitening gel and stopping saliva and sulcular fluid from entering the whitening trays. The result is 6 to 10 hours of strong whitening activity, and more predictable patient results.

“I switched to KöR when it first came out and I still stare at each model in amazement at the incredible detail,” said another evaluator.

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