Product Focus: SafeMask Premier Earloop Masks

Published Date 04/13/2017

Customized comfort and protection for all clinical requirements



Ninety-five percent of dental aerosols are 5 µm or less in diameter and cannot be seen. Microorganisms isolated from these particles include Staphylococcus, Streptococcus pneumoniae, tubercle bacilli, influenza viruses, hepatitis viruses, rhinoviruses, and herpes viruses. 



So, what mask are you using? Hopefully it’s the one that ensures bacterial and particle filtration efficiency of 98% and more for greater protection against potential infection. “All things considered, I feel the mask is well thought out and engineered. It is my new go-to mask,” said one dentist evaluator.



Medicom’s SafeMask Premier Earloop Masks prevent the pooling of fluids and cross-contamination, while the dyefree, non-woven inner layer provides additional protection.



product-focus_safemask-quote.png?Premier Earloop Masks are soft and strong, have ample-length earloops so there is less pulling, and have an adjustable nosepiece for a comfortable fit. A hygienist in practice for 35 years chose the ASTM Level 1 lavender and said, “The ear straps were very comfortable and did not dig into the back of my ears.” She noted that the mask did not cause irritation to her skin, and it felt “very soft and comfortable.”



Premier Earloop Masks offer lower differential pressure for excellent breathability and an adjustable nosepiece for a comfortable fit. One evaluator said, “Breathability and shape are very good, and the mask stays comfortable during the entire appointment. [It] is better than other masks at not fogging my glasses.”

Safe+Mask Premier Earloop Masks
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