Published Date 07/23/2018


For some dental products, the magic is in the design. And any design that can eliminate a product’s weakest link is a win for clinicians. That’s certainly the case for Microcopy’s NeoBurr carbide burs. When it comes to dental burs, which aid clinicians in some of the most rigorous procedures, the neck is a prime place for weak points that can lead to bur breakage. But NeoBurr carbides feature a new blended neck design for enhanced durability and strength, effectively eliminating the weakest point on the bur and offering clinicians a break-resistant carbide for even the most demanding of procedures.


Quality Meets Variety
Adding to this durability are carbide shapes made with concentricity in mind. Single-piece tungsten carbide construction aligns the head to the shank perfectly, minimizing vibration and reducing chatter. NeoBurr carbides come in a variety of shapes to match any procedure—including crown prep, surgery, and trimming and finishing. Shank lengths range from 16.5 mm to 44.5 mm and also vary based on operative or surgical needs.


“I think the quality that goes into Microcopy products is the biggest advantage of using NeoBurr carbides,” shared Dr. John Horn, a dentist practicing in Hegins, PA. “You know that the product you are purchasing will be reliable and come in multiple shapes and lengths to match various procedures and clinician preferences.”


NeoBurr blades are engineered to provide smoother, faster cutting through materials like amalgam, composites, and semiprecious/nonprecious materials. “I like to use NeoBurr especially for the removal of failing alloy restorations,” noted Dr. Horn. “The burs cut quickly and efficiently for single-patient-use.”


Safety in Single Use
All NeoBurr single-patient-use carbides are pre-sterilized for safety and convenience. Since the instruments don’t need to be reprocessed, it eliminates the hassle of sterilizing burs between patients. Selected shapes also have a gold-plated finish for an added antimicrobial benefit.


Dr. Horn sees NeoBurr carbides as a cost-effective alternative to multiuse burs that guarantee he will always have a dependable, proficient cut for every patient.


“Another advantage to using NeoBurr is its single-use sterile packaging,” said Dr. Horn. “You know every time you use it you are getting a great bur that will be sharp enough to last the whole procedure.”

NeoBurr® Operative Carbide Burs
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