Restoration of a Fractured Mandibular Incisor

Published Date 08/31/2015

Restoration Process Described by Martin Jablow, DDS


A 65-year-old man who is an established patient presented as an emergency with a chief complaint of a broken lower front tooth. The patient had a shear fracture of the mandibular left central incisor. The fracture extended from the incisal edge to the mid third of the buccal aspect of the tooth.
This is a fairly common fracture, especially in patients who have a history of bruxism. These types of Class II fractures into dentin can occur on both the buccal or lingual aspect of the tooth. For this patient, there was adequate enamel and dentin available to restore the tooth with a conventional bonding technique. The tooth needed to be restored to its proper form and function along with achieving a good cosmetic outcome. Radiographs, which had been taken previously using a handheld Nomad X-ray unit (Aribex) and a Scan-X phosphor plate system (Air Techniques), were reviewed and it was determined that no anesthesia would be necessary to treat this tooth.

Figure 1 and Figure 2

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