Starting Up New Traditions

Published Date 07/25/2018

Offering the first substantial performance upgrade in 30 years, the Midwest Tradition and Tradition Pro handpieces feature a new rotor and ceramic bearing set that provides significant power upgrades without requiring additional air pressure. This makes integration into clinicians’ current inventory of handpieces easier than ever.


“The new design of these handpieces feature improved ceramic bearings and a new rotor design,” said Jason Coleman, Product Marketing Manager for Dentsply Sirona Midwest. “This provides clinicians with more power needed for clinical procedures on today’s harder materials like solid zirconia.”


Clinicians can choose from the 25 W Fixed Backend or the 20 W Coupler version offering up to 50% more power than previous Midwest Tradition generations. An improved lever chuck version has been redesigned for ease of operation and long-term safety.


“Increased power means users can avoid stalling and spend less time feathering preparations which will lead to overall shorter procedure times,” said Coleman.


New solid glass fiber optics replace the old fiber glass bundle design to resist resin yellowing and improve light transmission. The warranty was also extended to a 1-year period from 6 months.


“While the warranty has doubled, the pricing has stayed similar to classic versions. With special introductory trade-out offers, customers can easily upgrade their instruments without spending much more than a regular repair,” said Coleman.


While the new Midwest Tradition and Tradition Pro are full of performance advancements, Dentsply Sirona preserved the small head design and classic Tradition grip that have served for more than 30 years in the U.S. market.


“The Tradition handpieces have a very unique grip that provides a tactile control and feel for the handpiece, and we made sure to retain this important element for customers,” added Coleman.

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