Tried & True: CamX Spectra & CamX Triton HD

Published Date 02/11/2019
Dental technology gets bigger and better every day, and with each new advancement comes the opportunity for clinicians to practice minimally invasive dentistry. This is especially true for patients in high and extreme caries risk groups. Fluoride treatment and at-home hygiene care are a great first line of defense, but often, they’re not enough. Studies show that traditional explorers can do more harm than good—disrupting areas of remineralization and breaking enamel rods—while radiographs may detect interproximal caries only after they’ve significantly penetrated the enamel.

So, the most minimally invasive option in these cases is to stop watching and start visualizing decay. Caries detection devices fill in the gaps left behind by traditional tools, detecting carious lesions that radiographs and explorers can easily miss.
Visualizing Decay
One such device, Air Techniques’ CamX Spectra, uses fluorescence technology to visualize and discover caries. Not unlike Doppler radar, it uses 4 violet LEDs to stimulate metabolic products found in carciogenic bacteria to make carious lesions glow red, while healthy enamel glows green. CamX Spectra will even detect decay hidden between margins of existing composite and amalgam.

Imaging software uses both color and numeric indicators to paint a picture of the carious activity. In addition to red, carious regions will appear blue, red, orange, or yellow to signal incipient, deep, dentin, or deep dentin caries, while numeric indicators of 1 to 5 illustrate the extent of the decay.

3-Headed Approach to Detection
The slim but powerful CamX Triton HD intraoral camera eliminates the need to buy multiple devices. Proving that 3 heads are better than 1, the tool features interchangeable Proxi, Spectra, and Camera heads to meet the needs of every patient and clinical situation:
Spectra: 4 LEDs and state-of-the-art fluorescence technology display and analyze caries in an easy-to-read color- and numerical-coded onscreen display.
Proxi: Detects interproximal caries by causing healthy tooth enamel to appear dark in an image, while carious lesions appear white and opaque.
Camera: 2 LEDs create uniform illumination, and one-click autofocus allows for quick and easy creation of pin-sharp, high-definition images from any distance.
Both CamX Spectra and CamX Triton HD serve as powerful patient education tools by creating images that are as easy to understand as they are to capture. With greater education comes greater case acceptance, giving clinicians the opportunity to practice more minimally invasive dentistry.
CamX Spectra Caries Detection Aid
Air Techniques
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