Published Date 04/18/2019


By Brian Trava, DMD


As we seek to achieve vital and regenerative pulp therapy, it’s important to consider the use of materials that exhibit a high degree of biocompatibility. Thanks to ongoing dental research, there are several biocompatible materials on the market that are worth your consideration. These are not passive materials—they generate a host response to promote pulpal activity and growth. When scrutinizing the different materials that are available, all have some variations with regard to their scientifi c properties, which should be studied in depth when determining their use. If esthetics are not an issue, then the 3 most important factors in selecting a product would be handling, setting time, and price. Here are some options:


ProRoot MTA from Dentsply Sirona has longstanding dependability for repairing roots. The product was first engineered for root perforations and root-end fillings. It can be used in apexification, apexogenesis, and regenerative procedures.


Brasseler USA has several different lines of bioceramic material—including the root repair material EndoSequence BC RRM—which vary with regard to flow and setting time. Each has advantages depending on the procedure and what is comfortable in the hands of the dentist. The material needs moisture for setting. There is no esthetic staining, which is a positive, and the material handles well.


Biodentine from Septodont has a good setting time of 10–12 minutes, is radiopaque, and can be used as a dentin substitute in coronal restorations under a composite, as well as with perforation and pulp capping. The product drives positive activity with dental pulp stem cells. It requires a mixing device and has good handling qualities.


NuSmile NeoMTA is marketed for pediatric use for pulpotomies as well as direct and indirect pulp capping. The product exhibits good radiopacity, handles well, sets quickly, and has a long shelf life.


A bioceramic, reparative cement from Angelus, MTA Repair HP is reliable and has very good handling properties. There are no staining disadvantages and it has an extended shelf life. Setting time of 15 minutes is relatively fast.

MTA Repair HP
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