Why I Use…. Dentrix Ascend

Published Date 10/17/2016

Why I Use... Dentrix Ascend

Dentrix Ascend is a cloud-based practice management solution that combines advanced business, practice management, and clinical tools into an easy-to-use interface. The software’s user friendliness and stability are what first attracted Dr. J. Elliott Brennan to Dentrix Ascend. Here, he describes why he chose this solution in a new practice he started with his brother, Dr. Jonathan J. Brennan, in 2015.

Before Dentrix Ascend, we had converted to a different cloud-based solution—one of the first on the market. We were very excited about the potential benefits, but found out quickly that our employees were very frustrated with this particular software’s limitations and bugs. It seemed “in development” for our basic needs.

software dentrix ascend practice management In 2014, when we began working toward opening a scratch-start dental office, we were hopeful there was another cloud-based option that would work better than our current experience. We learned about Dentrix Ascend and were promised that its delay in coming to market was to ensure stability of core functions. Dentrix Ascend also had the backing of a time-tested software development company, so we were excited that this might be the solution for a robust practice management software in the cloud.

To our surprise, Dentrix Ascend was very stable and we have had zero complaints from office staff both on the administrative side and the clinical side. Updates with improved functionality and automation seem to appear weekly, saving time and money once dedicated to maintenance and hardware improvements.

Dentrix Ascend is the only option with a fluid cloud imaging solution, DEXIS for Dentrix Ascend. We are able to access our practice information, including charts and x-rays, on any computer with an Internet connection. This has provided so much efficiency and productivity in areas we never imagined.

Customer support has been exceptional. We have rarely needed true support because the product is hosted on their servers, so configuration and networking of the product within our office or on our computers virtually doesn’t exist. Online forums and tutorials are extensive. Most customer feedback gets prompt attention, and it is common to see a suggestion implemented into the product within weeks.

Defense from Disaster

front office staff using dentrix ascendOur office was searching for a new hygienist a couple of months ago, and a craigslist ad produced 40 to 50 résumés in the first several days of being posted. Unfortunately, an attachment we thought was a résumé was downloaded and not scanned for viruses. Once it was opened, our entire network was immediately compromised by ransomware.

Panic ensued for about 2 minutes until we concluded that we had no sensitive or important data saved locally on the machines in the office. All of our data was still securely kept on Dentrix Ascend servers. It was inconvenient to have to wipe the hard drives and reload Windows throughout the office, but not nearly as devastating as the hack would have been on our old systems. Dentrix Ascend saved us time, money, and an immeasurable amount of risk that would have accompanied a data breach with health records.

The Takeaway

Dentrix Ascend is the practice management software of the future. Your practice will benefit immediately from its features, accessibility, security, and stability. You will also be setting yourself up for long-term success. The product continues to improve and saves us money with every month that passes.

About J. Elliott Brennan, DMD

J. Elliott Brennan, DMD Dr. J. Elliott Brennan is the Director of Digital Dentistry Operations and Assistant Professor at the Arizona School of Dentistry and Oral Health. He is also the founder and co-owner of Brennan Dental in Chandler, AZ. Dr. Brennan majored in biochemistry while attending Arizona State University for his undergraduate education. He then went on to earn his Doctor of Medical Dentistry degree and certificate in public health with a dental emphasis from A.T. Still University.  Since graduating, Dr. Brennan has stayed committed to education and continued a relationship with the dental school where he now works mostly with students in the school’s CAD/CAM clinic. 

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