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Published Date 05/11/2017



Like many clinicians, you’ve probably bought into the hype surrounding bleaching lights and lasers. And you probably also found out that many just don’t work as advertised. Widely recognized as one of the industry’s most effective teeth whitening systems, KöR offers cost-effective solutions, from home whitening for average patients to treatment of tetracycline cases and everything in between. General and cosmetic dentist Dr. Angela Abernathy shares her experience with the product and describes how using the KöR Whitening System has positively impacted the amount of cosmetic dentistry she does in her practice.


One of my first few whitening cases was a difficult case. The patient had very heavy intrinsic staining, but KöR is renowned for tackling these types of cases. I wanted to see the proof for myself and boy, was I surprised as KöR took 10 to 20 years off the patient’s appearance! Everybody that I show this case to is amazed!

The KöR Whitening system has hands-down given me the most consistent and reliable outcomes. The results have been absolutely amazing! Other systems have been hit or miss. Some of the other whitening systems I have used may not even go a full shade, whereas KöR has always shown dramatic results. I have been using KöR more and more, especially after I show patients the amazing results.

I like that the patients use their KöR-Seal trays at home first to “condition” the teeth prior to the in-office visit. This protocol ensures the best possible results from the in-office whitening visit that follows. Also, the science behind the KöR Dual-Activated, Tri-Barrel Hydremide Peroxide delivery system and continuous refrigeration of the gels ensure that I am always using the most potent gels possible. The continuous refrigeration also results in low-to-no sensitivity, which makes this product very user-friendly.

This is THE best whitening system on the market!


About Angela Abernathy, DDS

Dr. Angela Abernathy, an Alabama native, attended Alabama A&M University, where she earned her BS in mathematics. She received her DDS degree from the Meharry Medical College School of Dentistry in Nashville, TN. Upon completing her studies at Meharry, Dr. Abernathy also completed 2 years of a general practice residency at Harlem Hospital in New York City. In keeping with her commitment to gaining additional training and staying informed on the latest dental procedures and technology, Dr. Abernathy is a member of the ADA, the New York State Dental Association, the New York County Dental Association, the National Dental Association, the AGD, and the AACD.


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