Why I Use: SafeGauze HemoStat

Published Date 05/01/2019
It’s not easy to stop patients from bleeding following extraction or periodontal surgery. Many hemostatic products lack the bulk to fill the socket or simply do not form a strong clot for effective healing. Here, Dr. Ravichandra Juluri discusses why he uses Medicom’s SafeGauze HemoStat, a sterile fabric prepared by the chemical treatment of regenerated cellulose, to safely and effectively manage topical wounds and control external surface bleeding.

from_the_podium-teeth.jpgSince I began practicing 13 years ago, I’ve tried several different hemostatic products, but the products I was using simply didn’t have the bulk to fill the socket after an extraction. With previous cases involving anterior extraction, I would apply a hemostatic matrix and then insert a collagen plug, or I would roll the hemostat around the plug and then insert into the socket. These products would soften upon contact with blood or moisture, affording me very little time to manipulate.

When I tried SafeGauze HemoStat from Medicom, I found that it quickly and easily filled the socket and controlled the bleeding without the need for more collagen or any added pressure. When placed in the wound void, the topical dressing forms a clear gel that expands rapidly as it absorbs blood, creating a plug that stops the bleeding. Because it becomes a gel instantly, it can be manipulated to ensure that it fits and fills the socket well. The dressing then stays in place and does not need to be sutured over.

Easy to Use
With this product, there’s really no learning curve. You can begin using it right away, and it works well in all cases, even with patients who are on blood thinners or who are medically complicated or compromised. Another benefit of SafeGauze HemoStat is that it doesn’t stick to instruments while packing in the socket, which makes it a very quick and easy process. But most importantly, the product controls the bleeding, maintains the clot, and promotes wound healing before eventually dissolving to saline and glucose.

• Absorbs the water content of fluids and blood
• Quickly transforms into a clear, viscous gel
• Adheres to the extraction site, forming a plug to control bleeding
• Eventually dissolves to saline and glucose
• Ideal for extractions, periodontal surgery, and other selected procedures

Spreading the Word
I didn’t know that a hemostat could be so efficient and effective until I tried SafeGauze HemoStat. Now, I recommend it to my associates, who have since used it and also have had successful outcomes because of how unique it is.


SafeGauze HemoStat
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