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Published Date 02/09/2018


Jack Ringer, DDS, FAACD, FIADFE, user of the Uveneer System

Ultradent’s Uveneer is a unique, minimally invasive direct composite template system that helps dentists create direct composite veneers with predictable shape and symmetry. A Uveneer system kit includes 32 templates numbered to correspond with the tooth number, tooth size, and upper and lower arch. The innovative technology of the Uveneer templates mimics natural dentition and allows dentists to create high-quality anterior restorations in a single visit. Dr. Jack Ringer, whose practice specializes in cosmetic dentistry, tells DPS why he uses the Uveneer system.

One of the most challenging procedures for a dentist is to freehandedly place anterior direct resins in the mouth with an esthetic and functional result. It’s an artistically challenging and time-consuming process, and the results are often unpredictable and not always cost-effective. Uveneer was designed to overcome the difficult obstacles in placing anterior direct composites.


Enhance Practice Efficiency

The Uveneer system includes rigid templates of various sizes, which help take the guesswork out of shaping and proportionalizing the resin. Since the internal surface of the Uveneer stint is so rigid and smooth, polishing the final restoration may not be necessary unless the practitioner chooses to make some modifications to the resin after the stints are removed. The quicker shaping and polishing saves a tremendous amount of time and, hence, money for every direct resin procedure where Uveneer is used.


Uveneer System from Ultradent One System, Multiple Uses

Clinicians can use any preferred composite material with the template to create natural-looking restorations with excellent anatomy, form, and function. The design and durability of the Uveneer templates are superb, and they can be used for a variety of clinical situations, including: mock-ups for anterior esthetic makeovers; repairing defects to anterior teeth, such as diastema closures or Class IV fractures; full resin veneers in situations where a porcelain restoration is not recommended, such as on teenagers or where finances are an obstacle; creating a guide for surgeons when desiring gingival architecture modification, such as crown lengthening; and creating long-term esthetic provisional restorations.

As stated earlier, one of the most difficult dental procedures is to place anterior direct resins esthetically and functionally in an easy and timesaving manner. Uveneer takes the headache out of the equation by providing accurate, proportional, and durable templates that allow for easy and accurate direct resin placement. This becomes extremely important when trying to do a smile makeover of full direct resin veneers. The Uveneer system allows the dentist to create beautiful and predictable anterior direct composites easily, quickly, and efficiently, and this is definitely a win-win.


About the Doctor


An Accredited Fellow of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and a Fellow of the International Academy of Dental Facial Esthetics, Dr. Ringer has been in private practice for over 30 years in Anaheim Hills, CA. He has been teaching dentistry at various institutions for almost 25 years and has published several articles in the field of contemporary esthetic dentistry. He is a member of the AACD’s Professional Education Committee, co-founder of the Orange County Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, and a faculty mentor at Spear Education.

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