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Published Date 03/16/2018


Whether you’re just starting to build a new practice or are ready for a change, XLDent can help make your life easier with efficient solutions based on your current situation and your plans for the future. In this article, Derek Abramowski, DDS, a private practitioner in Monticello, MN, discusses how XLDent’s variety of electronic services created more efficient workflows, saved time for staff and patients, and increased the profitability of the practice.


When I was looking for a new practice management system, I did my homework and played with every system I could get my hands on. When it came down to it, I wanted something that was easy to use and powerful enough to do everything I needed at the same time.

XLDent’s flexibility and the mobility of the system were 2 of the biggest selling points. We can use a laptop, desktop, or tablet PC. I can see and alter my schedule at home. I also don’t have to sacrifice any functions with XLDent. There isn’t any scheduling, financials, or tracking I can’t do. The more I learn about the system, the more I can do. Everything is easy to access and easy to incorporate.

I also love tracking my office performance. I needed robust tracking of stats and the ability to access it from home, and XLDent allows me to do both with the KPI dashboard. I’m implementing all of the features available with XLDent.

My staff are not technologically comfortable, and they’ve never really used a computer at work before. So, I didn’t need confusing software to make things harder. They were able to go from never working with computers to being comfortable very quickly because of the intuitiveness of the software. The staff has customized their setups by positioning buttons based on the order they perform tasks and have used the features to simplify treatment planning. Because everything is adaptable to the user, they can all make it their own and change it so they are comfortable and efficient using it.

Going from paper charts to XLDent is the single biggest jump we have ever taken in the office. I track numbers, and there was an immediate jump in office productivity once we implemented XLDent. Patients pay their bills online after hours; we can email them treatment plans; and hygiene schedules recare without needing the patient to go to the front desk. When the front desk is full of phone calls and helping patients, the check-in computer auto-prompts them to fill out their health history themselves.

We have 6 operatories for 3 people (1 dentist, 2 hygienists). When an emergency comes in, we can just pick up the tablet and move it to the room we are working in. That has kept us from having to buy workstations for every operatory. Being able to have the patient sign treatment plans on the tablet or hand them the tablet to show them radiographs has been huge. To sum it up, the difference between our previous system and XLDent has been night and day.

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