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Published Date 04/10/2017



Bulk EZ from ZEST Dental Solutions (Danville Materials) is a self-curing bulk-fill material that eliminates the layering technique and incremental light-curing steps in deep cavities. Setting in just 90 seconds, it saves time with its one-step placement, which also eliminates voids and gaps, and thus minimizes microleakage and postoperative sensitivity. Bulk EZ is compatible with all methacrylate-based bonding agents and all composites, so you can customize your restorations on a case-by-case basis. Dr. Troy Schmedding describes how he uses it in his practice.

Incorporating Bulk EZ into my practice has done a number of things for me—increased my time savings, productivity, and predictability in terms of my overall results. The product is unique because it is a self-curing composite with an unlimited depth of cure.

Using Bulk EZ saves a lot of time versus using an incremental layering technique when filling a large restoration. Plus, the more layers we add, the more chances we have of incorporating voids and gaps. We’re seeing minimal marginal discrepancies in terms of leakage with Bulk EZ, which reduces the risk for postoperative sensitivity and recurrent caries.

Bulk-fill materials are dependent on a multitude of factors—everything from proper isolation to the proper curing light. Self-curing materials eliminate human errors, as well as many of the mechanical errors that can occur when you’re using a curing light.

Because it is a dual-cure product, Bulk EZ gives you a couple of options: You can do a complete bulk fill, taking Bulk EZ all the way into occlusion; or you can use it as a capping agent. Bulk EZ can be used as a base layer to ensure an adequate seal, and then topped with any type of composite if you need a different shade. This is easy because all composites are compatible with Bulk EZ, as are all bonding agents.

I base my capping technique on a couple things. Bulk EZ comes in the 3 most commonly used shades (A1, A2, and A3), but sometimes I want to change something in terms of color. Or, occasionally, I might want a top layer of composite with a little more strength, depending on the stresses the material will be under. If the patient is more aggressive on the teeth, I may add a different material over the top. In a child, or a very small restoration that doesn’t have a lot of occlusal contact or biting force on it, I will use Bulk EZ up to full capacity.

The bulk-fill technique is so simple: Do your bonding protocol, add Bulk EZ, and allow it to sit for 90 seconds before you touch it. The self-curing process has taken care of itself after 90 seconds. Then you can cure it all you want or not at all—whatever you’re comfortable with. Conversely, after that 90 seconds, you can add a layer of another composite and cure that without having any effect on the Bulk EZ.

Bulk EZ is my go-to for minimally invasive Class I and Class II restorations. I use it as the base layer in all my direct restorations. I also sometimes use it for small Class IV restorations. Because it has a very low-film thickness, it can be used for post cementation, as well. Restorative dentistry couldn’t be much simpler with this kind of versatility.

About Troy A. Schmedding, DDS
Dr. Troy Schmedding has been a practicing cosmetic and restorative dentist for the last 20 years. He is a 1993 honors graduate from The University of the Pacific, Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry. He currently maintains a private practice in Walnut Creek, CA. Dr. Schmedding is one of approximately 450 dentists internationally to achieve accreditation status in the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. He works with numerous manufacturers on implementation and testing of various restorative products being brought to market. He speaks and teaches nationally on both esthetic and restorative dentistry.
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