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Published Date 03/28/2017



BISCO’s TheraCem is a self-etching, self-adhesive, dual-cured resin luting cement that is exclusively formulated for luting crowns, bridges, inlays, and onlays, as well as prefabricated metal and nonmetal fiber posts and cast posts. Easy to use and requiring only a short chair time, TheraCem produces a good bond to most dental materials. Dr. Joseph Kim recently spoke with Dental Product Shopper about the immediate and long-term benefits of using TheraCem in his practice.


TheraCem has saved my practice both time and money. Because it is self-adhesive, I no longer have to etch and prime the tooth preparations, producing a measurable chair time advantage over traditional bonding techniques. In addition, the quick set time easily shaves a minute off the entire procedure. TheraCem’s universal compatibility with almost every indirect dental substrate allows my staff to order just one product for most of our indirect needs, simplifying supply ordering and minimizing waste.


TheraCem represents another evolution in cement technology. Besides high bond strengths and universal compatibility, TheraCem has been optimally formulated so that it releases both calcium and fluoride, and achieves an alkaline pH after curing.


Striking the Right Balance

TheraCem stands out from other cements due to its perfect balance of bond strength, universal material compatibility, sustained calcium and fluoride release, moisture insolubility, and ease of use. These qualities provide clinicians with immediate and long-term benefits.

Oddly enough, I appreciate the opacity of TheraCem. I use TheraCem to deliver most of my implant crowns, and the cream-colored opacity allows me to mask the darkness of titanium abutments in many cases. The same applies when I deliver a crown over a dark tooth, which otherwise would show through on a thin margin of an anterior zirconia or lithium disilicate case.


Return on Your Investment

The best ROI for a luting cement is often found in overhead reduction. With TheraCem, for every minute of chair time I save by minimizing tooth surface preparation and having a quick set time, I save a few dollars. Second, not having to redo or re-cement a crown as a result of cement incompatibility or poor bond strength can save even more money, and more importantly, help maintain an excellent reputation. Third, seeing a happy assistant who is not fretting about an expired or lost product is just priceless.

The benefits of incorporating TheraCem into our daily practice are obvious. After all, why invest in many products that do one thing well, when you could have one product that does many things well?

About Joseph Kim, DDS, JD, FAGD, FICOI
Dr. Kim received his dental training from the University of Michigan School of Dentistry. Since 2002, he has maintained a general practice in the suburbs of Chicago focused on sedation dentistry and full-arch implant therapy. 

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