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Published Date 03/01/2017



After 43 years in practice, Dr. Roy Tanaka knows what he likes—and what he doesn’t like—about certain dental products. He first discovered Zendo products in a rotary root canal instruments course, and was impressed with their strength and functionality. Since then, he has branched out to Zendo’s restorative materials. Here, Dr. Tanaka tells us why Zendo meets important benchmarks he looks for in products.


When I try new products, the quality has to be good, the handling has to be good, and if they’re less expensive—well that’s great, too! These are the main reasons why I started using products from www.zendo-online.com. Most recently, I’ve used the Select NanoFill composite, which handles very well. The Select NanoFill seems a bit creamier, rather than dry, and with just a little bit of richness. I don’t get any bubbles because it has a slightly richer texture than past materials I’ve used. It fills in better, so for a tough, short vertical filling on a bicuspid, this works great! It seems to have a better elasticity to it when you are condensing to get rid of any air, after you do your contact, with a second layer, and it just feels like it flows into where you push your instrument to create the contact. I like the handling properties more than my current product, which I have been using for 8 or 9 years. So I’m happy with Select NanoFill, and I am switching over to it.

I’m in a solo practice, but my 2 hygienists always scrutinize the work I do with x-rays. I try to get my occlusions perfect and all the contacts perfect. I have not experienced breakage with Select NanoFill. I’ve also tried Zendo’s SelectSil impression material. If the impression material is faulty, the crown won’t go in, the contact will be off, or the margins won’t be exact. The reason why I am moving away from my current impression material is that my distal contact has not been good…so I’ve been looking to switch. While I’ve only done single crowns with Zendo’s SelectSil impression material, it seems to work well— my crowns are fitting and my contacts are good.

I have also switched to Zendo’s FG Diamond Burs. They are better than the much more expensive ones I have been using. They are great quality, and I’m cutting more quickly and efficiently, which makes life easier.

 I’m a general dentist, but do about 200 root canals in a year—I probably only send 1 or 2 out to a specialist. I’ve been in practice for 43 years, so I stay away from some brands because I’m afraid of breakage. I have a great deal of trust in Zendo files. They are excellent quality and a lot less expensive. I use both their rotary and hand files, which is probably the kind I buy the most of. I know the root canal instruments are coming from a very good source in Europe—the same with the restorative and impression materials.

Zendo products are worth looking into because you can get good materials that handle well and you like working with, that aren’t frustrating to use. Plus, I’m saving about 50%, which is making a big difference to my bottom line. You don’t have to order Zendo products from a distributor. We just order online, and it’s shipped directly to us.












About Dr. Roy Tanaka

Dr. Roy Tanaka graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry at the University of Toronto and has a Bachelor's Degree from Western University in London, Ontario. He enjoys going to his general family practice in Oakville, Ontario, even on his days off. He has dedicated his life to providing the highest quality of care to his patients.

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