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EyeSpy with My Little Eye


Do you remember that game? Maybe you still play it with family and friends today. It was created to test and develop the powers of perception and observation in young children, as well as vocabulary. But some of us never stopped looking for and identifying things for fun, or even a living. That’s basically what dentists and hygienists do all day.

Turns out the EyeSpy mouth mirror, from Orascoptic, was developed especially to enhance the powers of perception by providing a more brilliant reflection of details than standard rhodium mirrors. EyeSpy has a proprietary lens coating that results in a 40% brighter image. Because the image is brighter, it’s also reflecting truer color. The EyeSpy lens is scratch resistant and flush, which prevents corrosion build-up and makes it easier to clean (plus it’s autoclavable). It is lightweight, which makes it more comfortable and easy to control. And its handle provides comfortable retraction of soft tissues for the patient.

I spy with my little eye that EyeSpy will shed more light on hard-to-illuminate areas so dentists and hygienists will see what they need to see more clearly. For more information, click here.

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