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Rethink Retraction Paste with a Versatile New Option


The recent 2019 Oscars ceremony drove home the importance of a good first take. During a live awards show, there’s really no time for an "oops and re-do" thanks to a tight schedule and an expectant audience. In dentistry, you have a packed patient schedule and the show is “live,” albeit in front of a much smaller audience. In both cases, time is money. In dentistry, wasting material while struggling to turn over operatories more quickly can chip at a practice’s bottom line.

You want a good first take in many procedures, including both traditional and digital impressions, veneer or crown cementation, and composite restorations. To achieve it, you need a product that can help manage tissue. What do you reach for first?

A recently introduced product, Take 1 Retraction Paste from KaVo Kerr, is helping dentists "rethink retraction." Take 1 Retraction contains 15% aluminum chloride and kaolin clay, providing hemostasis while absorbing excess fluids and providing gentle retraction. KaVo Kerr also took into account a common complaint dentists had about using retraction paste, and made Take 1 Retraction easier and quicker to clean up with just a simple rinse and air dry.

Another advantage of Take 1 Retraction is that it’s available in 2 viscosities, depending on your needs. If you currently use retraction cord, Take 1 Retraction Low Viscosity's thinner paste can enhance your cord technique by providing hemostasis and optimizing retraction. However, if you favor a thicker paste that can pack into place, Take 1 Retraction High Viscosity ensures the material fills the sulcus for optimal retraction, again providing hemostasis.

Technique tip: In a more complex case, Take 1 Retraction can be used with the included retraction caps for a minimum of 2 minutes to facilitate the placement of retraction paste into the sulcus.

The unit-dose capsules are packaged with retraction caps, available in 2 sizes, as well as tips. The capsules are compatible with standard composite dispensers, eliminating the need to purchase extra accessories. Each individual foil pouch keeps the material fresh and prevents the paste from drying out. 

The Digital Advantage

Unlike traditional VPS impression procedures in which the material flows into the sulcus, digital impressions require steps for retraction, as the camera sees what the eye sees.

Take 1 Retraction can be used to manage gingival tissue, control bleeding, and clear the way for optimal digital impressions. In this case, KaVo Kerr recommends the 2-step procedure using both the cord and paste to achieve clearly defined margins.

Still need to think it over? Learn more about technique and request a sample at

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