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11 Days Left to Make a Difference in the Fight Against Breast Cancer


Microcopy’s “Pink to Make You Think” campaign continues through December 31. Since 2014, Microcopy has offered pink NeoDrys from October through December to raise awareness of, and funds to donate toward, breast cancer research.

NeoDrys are super absorbent and provide the ultimate parotid control for up to 15 minutes. Their shiny backing bounces light into the operating field, improving visibility. They also protect the cheeks during procedures, and don't leak, even if fully saturated. Smooth edges further ensure patient comfort.

Microcopy donates a portion of the proceeds of all pink NeoDrys sales to the American Cancer Society. Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women worldwide, according to the World Health Organization. In the US, statistics show that 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with cancer in her lifetime. Microcopy is committed to supporting breast cancer research. If you order pink NeoDrys through the end of this month, you’ll help Microcopy support the fight against breast cancer. Together, everyone can make a difference. Click here for more information.

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