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3 Benefits of Digital Clinical Forms


Really? More paperwork? Just about every dentist appointment requires time spent with a form…either completing new patient information or providing verification and updates. These forms, back in the good old days, were all attached to clipboards (some still are) and someone in the dental office had to either file the forms or manually enter the information into a computer system. Now, most clinical forms (both those that patients complete and those that you—the dentist or hygienist—work with during exams) are digital. Thank goodness, right? Or maybe you haven’t gone all in on electronic forms? If not, here are a few thoughts that might tip the scale and get you to jump all the way onto the bandwagon:


Neither you nor your patients want private medical and insurance information floating around on paper forms. When all of the information is entered directly into a secure system, you don’t have to worry about any of that.


Allowing new patients to complete initial forms right on your web site is convenient for you, your staff, and your patients. Many services can help you create patient portals that allow patients to register right on your site. That information becomes part of patient files and are combined with charting and other clinical forms and documentation. Then, after they become regular patients, updating information is super easy. It can be done online or in the office using an electronic tablet or kiosk.


When you eliminate the arduous task of deciphering and manually entering handwritten forms, you free your staff for other more important tasks, including patient care and customer service.


Clinical forms don’t have to be the bane of your (or your patients’) existence. You can find lots of clinical forms—both electronic and paper—at

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