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3 Technology Upgrades Your Dental Practice Needs


3 Technology Upgrades Your Dental Practice Needs

By now, most dental practice owners know that digital dentistry can lead to a significant payoff. Yet while dental technology has come a long way—for example, offering the ability to diagnose better, arrive at more predictable outcomes, and streamline your protocols—the products continue to evolve, making it more important than ever for clinicians to keep up. The question then becomes: Which products are worth the investment?

While individual practice needs vary, evaluating the following 3 product categories in your office can serve as the first step in upping your dental technology game.

Orthophos xg 3d imaging system 1. 3D Imaging

Consider the beginning of dental imaging in 1895, when Friedrich Otto Walkhoff took the first dental radiograph of his own mouth, which resulted in critical radiation damage. Fast forward over a century later, and clinicians can not only capture quick, clear 3D images that enhance their diagnostic capabilities—they are also able to collect imaging data without exposing patients to significant levels of radiation. Along with enhanced usability and other clinical benefits, digital radiography is designed for increased patient safety and acceptance.

2. Intraoral Sensors

A big determinant of the ROI of intraoral sensors is how effectively dental teams can manage their images afterwards. Having sensors that produce high-resolution images and software that allows you to zoom and use filters for greater diagnostics simply leads to better patient care—all with a reduced level of radiation to the patient. Some brands, like Schick 33 by Dentsply Sirona, also offer sensor placement tips for taking vertical bitewings, endodontic images, maxillary and mandibular anterior/posterior, horizontal and vertical bitewings, more accurately and comfortably for patients.

Bravo Chamber Autoclave from SciCan3. Sterilizers

Gone are the days of second guessing your sterilization equipment. The top chemical and dry heat sterilizers on the market today eliminate moisture from the sterilization process, while ultrasonic cleaners produce cavitation action that clean and disrupt debris in a short time-span. Having a reliable sterilizing system for operatory instruments not only protects patients and dental professionals from harmful contaminants; it can also improve practice efficiency and speed appointments along.

Financing Your Progress

Understanding where your practice is technologically lacking eases the digital workflow transition and allows you to invest wisely in new, innovative equipment. Patterson Dental is simplifying the process with an exclusive financing opportunity on a collection of qualifying products, including sterilizers from Midmark, SciCan and Tuttnauer; the DEXIS CariVu caries detection system; operatory furnishings from A-dec and Midmark; select sensors from Gendex, DEXIS, and Dentsply Sirona; and 3D imaging from KaVo, Dentsply Sirona, and Planmeca; and the Solea laser from Convergent Dental.

Financing offers range from 0% interest for 12 months to 3.95% interest for 48 months. Practices can also choose a 3-month option with no interest and no payments on these products. The offer ends April 24. Learn more at


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