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3 Reasons Why BISCO’s REVEAL HD Bulk Deserves a Closer Look

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Have you hesitated to make the switch from the incremental layering technique to the bulk-fill technique for direct composite restorations? If you have, you’re not alone. That’s why BISCO set out to formulate a bulk-fill composite that could handle the challenges and obstacles many dentists face.

A recently released e-book by Dental Product Shopper details those challenges and shares the stories of dentists who are using BISCO’s REVEAL HD Bulk with much success. Three experts—one scientist and two current users—share their thoughts on why REVEAL HD Bulk represents a new era of light-cured composite and could possibly be a game-changer in your operatory.

Based on their feedback, here are 3 reasons why you might want to take a closer look at REVEAL HD Bulk:

1. REVEAL HD Bulk offers unparalleled depth of cure at 5 mm. DPS asked BISCO’s chief scientist, Liang Chen, Ph.D, about common complaints that users of bulk-fill composites have had over the past few years. He attributes many of those problems to light-curing techniques. He explains, “According to a survey, one-third of dentists in the U.S. may not follow the manufacturer’s recommended energy…Poor curing of the bottom of composites in a bulk-quantity is the most important reason why bulk-filling may fail and result in postoperative sensitivity and recurrent caries. Improvement of depth of cure was needed most.” To that point, Reveal HD Bulk can be cured deeper at 5 mm and easier compared to other materials on the market, Dr. Chen added.

2. According to an early adopter, BISCO’s depth-of-cure claims are founded and the material has excellent handling. Since first being asked to test the product, Dr. Jeffrey Nickas has taken to using nothing but REVEAL HD Bulk for the majority of bulk-fill restorations. He acknowledges that most dentists can be skeptical of the bulk-fill technique because they’re “creatures of habit” and like him, they may find themselves chained to the incremental layering technique. “Sometimes I have doubts when manufacturers make depth-of-cure claims, but BISCO’s chemistry is second to none… Overall, REVEAL HD Bulk has made my job easier and quicker.”

3. According to a renowned cosmetic dentist, REVEAL HD Bulk is highly adaptable, radiopaque and polishable. International lecturer Dr. Hugh Flax went on record that he was “pleasantly surprised” by Reveal HD Bulk’s performance, both esthetically and in post-operative x-rays. He found that the material has nice radiopacity and polishes well, and using it has simplified treatment in his office. “When you have a composite like REVEAL HD Bulk that is consistent and the directions are very easy to follow, then there’s not that gap of having faulty restorations,” he said.

To learn more about REVEAL HD Bulk, download DPS’s free e-book, “A Stunning Revelation.”

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