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How Do You Reach Patients and Promote Your Services?


A recent article featured Mark Schlesinger, DDS, whose Manhattan-based practice has had immense success using lasers for gum disease treatment since 2007. Dr. Schlesinger used this outlet to share 4 reasons he recommends laser treatment:

1.  Painkillers aren’t necessary. “Sometimes patients take OTC pills for a couple days, but that’s about it,” he said.

2.  Lasers are more effective. Traditional treatment and surgery requires anesthesia, stitches, antibiotics, and about 2 weeks recovery. Lasers are able to get into the deep pockets to clean the gums without having to cut them, which is a more precise and painless process. Lasers also don’t require anesthesia.

3.  Lasers don’t damage healthy tissue. They have the ability to vaporize diseased tissue and keep healthy tissue intact. They also kill bacteria and cause less bleeding.

4.  It’s a less stressful experience. Lasers sound and feel very different from a drill. The “purr” of the motor makes for a less stressful experience. Plus, there is no vibration or pressure when the bone or tooth needs to be cut.

How do you promote your services and recommend products? We'd love to know!

Featured in image is Dr. Mark Schlesinger.

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