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5 Areas Where Henry Schein One Will Make Your Work Life Easier


Simplifying Your Workflow with Henry Schein One 

“Summertime and the technology is easy.” It’s a Gershwin classic with a spin for the modern dental practice. Thanks to Henry Schein One, a joint venture between Henry Schein and Internet Brands that officially formed this summer, more dental practices will reap the rewards of user-friendly technology.

Henry Schein One combines practice management, marketing, and patient engagement solutions into one connected system.

CEO James A. Harding describes the company this way: “Henry Schein One's vision is to deliver technology innovation to improve every aspect of practice management. We plan to connect our existing and future portfolio of practice technology and products so it all works together as one integrated system to automate more tasks and simplify the digital workflow."

When technology is integrated, teams can work smarter and faster while improving each step of the patient experience.

In 2018, a fully integrated experience should be the standard of practice management. To put it mildly, dental teams are tired of challenges created by technology that is designed to work as stand-alone solutions. How many times have you had to re-enter data, duplicate processes, and waste time doing busy work all because digital solutions do not talk to each other? These common struggles inspired the formation of Henry Schein One.

When practice technology is connected, more data is shared, more tasks are automated, and more works gets done, allowing dental teams to focus on what they do best—providing quality care to patients.

The various solutions brought together under Henry Schein One’s umbrella include Henry Schein Practice Solutions products and services, such as Dentrix, Dentrix Ascend, Easy Dental, and TechCentral, as well as Henry Schein's international dental practice management systems, including Software of Excellence, Logiciel Julie, InfoMed, Exan, LabNet, and more. Henry Schein One will also include the dental businesses of Internet Brands, including web-based solutions such as Demandforce, Sesame Communications, Officite, and Headquartered in American Fork, Utah, Henry Schein One will initially employ approximately 1,500 team members.

The pinwheel below represents the complete patient experience in your practice. Henry Schein One offers connected management systems, such as Dentrix, that simplify each step of the patient experience.

Here are 5 areas of the patient experience that Henry Schein One solutions can simplify to improve management and patient loyalty:

1. Patient Scheduling and Onboarding

  • -> Scheduling appointments – Keep up with your patients’ busy lives by allowing them to book their appointment online, or create a custom text message and send it to any number of patient lists in your practice management system.

  • -> Appointment confirmation – Contact your patients via email, text messaging, and postcard reminders. Patients can confirm their appointments with a single click.

  • -> Patient check-in and forms – Eliminate paper forms, speed up check-ins, and increase accuracy of patient data.

2. Billing, Insurance, and Payments

-> Insurance eligibility – Track claims and quickly check patient insurance eligibility.

-> Insurance Claims – Reduce reimbursement time by submitting and tracking claims and attachments electronically.

-> Billing – Create and send billing statements directly from your practice management system, eliminating paper processes.

-> Patient payments – Integrated payment solutions can automatically post to your ledger and patient’s account, eliminating the need for manual entry.

3. Imaging & Procedures

  • -> Image acquisition – Connect your clinical, operational, and financial workflows. Smart Image will automatically place the diagnostic images you acquire in the patient file, tagging them with the correct CDT codes as they are posted to the ledger. The patient’s 2D and 3D images will be accessible wherever and whenever you need them.

  • -> Patient exams and procedures – Perio charting provides comprehensive features to streamline and document patient exams.

  • -> Treatment presentation and planning – Build, document, and present treatment plans with integrated tools to help patients understand the urgency and value of the care you recommend.

4. Post-treatment, Re-care & Referrals

  • -> Patient prescriptions – e-prescribing automates the process and transmits prescriptions to pharmacies, preventing potentially dangerous drug-to-drug interactions, drug allergies, dosage errors, and other problems.

  • -> Re-care appointments – With just a few clicks, you can fill open appointments with specific patient lists, block the calendar for specific events, and use intelligent scheduling to streamline workflow.

  • -> Ortho referral – Easily refer patients to other providers, maintaining a comprehensive record of your clinical interactions with patients and procedures that you refer to another provider.

5. Business Development  

  • -> Patient acquisition – Attract new clients and retain existing clients through social, search, and website marketing. Cloud-based software allows you to connect more efficiently to do this.

  • -> Patient follow-up and loyalty – Remind your patients of appointments or encourage continuing care visits through email, text messages, and post cards. You can also manage reminders, business reviews, and referrals.

  • -> Bookkeeping and business analysis – Powerful reports allow you to track your bottom line and see how to improve it. Users will gain a better understanding of their practice’s strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities.


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